Suicoke X Norse Projects at Peggs & son.

When it comes to sandals, there are those who reach for a pair at the first sign of the sun’s summer rays, whilst others prefer to keep their feet underwraps all year round. However, if ever there were a pair to sway the latter group’s mind, the latest collaboration between Japanese label Suicoke and Copenhagen’s Norse Projects would surely be contenders.

Combining the comfort of pool sliders and doing away with the flimsiness of flips-flops, they come in a range of colourways, each with a subtle gridded patten. The sandals feature a high quality and durable Vibram sole complete with moulded footbed to offer superior support and grip. Pair this with padded, adjustable straps, these manage to balance comfort, breathability and style unlike any other sandal.

Suicoke X Norse Projects sandals at Peggs & son.Suicoke X Norse Projects sandals at Peggs & son.Suicoke X Norse Projects sandals at Peggs & son.

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Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.

British denim has had somewhat of a resurgence in recent years with labels such as Hiut and Universal Works bringing back the time honoured tradition of jean manufacture to British shores. Brands have once again started utilising the skill and craftsmanship of British workers to create jeans that rival those from America and Japan.

Right at the forefront of this new movement is Dawson Denim, a small Brighton based outfit run by denim and vintage obsessives Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden. Located just down the road from Peggs & son, they design, cut and stitch all of their jeans in a compact workshop using authentic and vintage machinery.

Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.

“We originally started in 2012, making small quantities of aprons, mainly out of necessity and for our own use. It was either lunacy or inspired,” says Kelly. “We originally bought three vintage sewing machines from our savings and that’s how we got going. One day I was wearing one of our aprons to my job at a design studio and my colleagues asked where I got it. I told them I made it and soon I was being asked to make more. That’s really how we got started.”

The plan to make jeans had been the goal from the outset, but lack of capital for the proper equipment meant the plan had to be delayed. However, when Small Batch Coffee, a local Brighton based coffee chain, ordered some of their aprons for their staff, this suddenly gave Kelly and Scott an opportunity to buy more machinery and denim.

Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son. Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.

Production originally took place in the couple’s spare bedroom. Roles of Red Line Japanese selvedge denim were ordered from the Kaihara Mill in Okayama and the first patterns for their Regular Fit jeans were cut. Although Kelly had 15 years worth of experience in textile and garment design, it still took 11 attempts to get a prototype they were happy with.

“We don’t base our jeans around any other style, the cut and fit are completely unique. The problem with that is there is a lot of trial and error when it comes to creating your first pair,” explains Scott. “We weren’t happy with the fit on the waist, then we didn’t like the rise. We kept on going until we were completely satisfied. We would say the fit is a reaction to skinny, trendy jeans. It is based around proper pre-70s styles that have a high rise, straight leg and wide ankle.”

Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son. Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.

As Dawson Denim grew, they could afford more equipment that in turn helped add another layer of authenticity to their product. “The thing with people who take denim seriously is that they are all about the detail,” says Scott. “Take for example the Union Special 43200G, a chain stitch hemmer. Our model dates to 1957 and the machine’s folder from this period twists the material slightly on the hem, leading to a much desired characteristic called roping. A later version of this machine did away with this inherent ‘fault’ and the roping didn’t occur. It is this type of detail that gives your product legitimacy and to achieve that, you need vintage machinery.”

Kelly adds, “Our jeans aren’t a gimmick, to create them we use traditional techniques, original equipment and the best materials we can lay our hands on. We create a product appropriated for modern life. The ticket pocket for example is designed to fit an iPhone, but our jeans are traditionally and historically correct. If you ignore the details, you’re regarded as pretenders, frauds.”

Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son. Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.

Taking from Charles Eames’ philosophy, details for Dawson Denim are not just the details, they are the design. The pocket lining for their jeans has been cut from deadstock WWII cotton twill. The branded copper rivets feature Scott’s family name, Ogden, on the reverse. Kelly’s father made the iron that is used to brand the leather patch on the reverse of the waistband. It is in the details where the product comes to life and creates its own story.

So what’s the plan for the future? “We have just come across some great new denim that’s part cotton, part hemp”, says Scott. “It has a softer, almost washed feel and a speckled, slubby appearance. So we’re going to use that on our Regular Fit jeans. We also are starting to put into production our new style of jean; it features a looser fit and a much wider ankle. We are also venturing into clothing. We have the patterns cut and prototypes made of our new jacket. It comes in three different materials, our classic Red Line Japanese selvedge denim, the new hemp/cotton mix and a dotted Wabash fabric.”

Dawson Denim interview with Peggs & son.

Both feel positive about the future of British manufacturing, “There is a resurgence in British manufacture, that’s for sure. You see it with people like Albam, Universal Works, SEH Kelly and others. However there needs to be more transparency, a lot of brands claim to make their products over here but they actually have only been designed here and construction takes places elsewhere,” says Kelly. “We used to be a nation of builders and manufacturers. In fact, the technology the British created, the shuttle loom, is responsible for the creation of denim. We should be proud of our manufacturing heritage.”

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Globe-Trotter is a name synonymous with luxury luggage. Founded in 1897, they have been crafting exceptionally high quality suitcases and accessories using premium materials and expert craftsmanship. Made in England, their luggage has an unmistakable look with reinforced corners, metal rivets and strap detailing.


Due to the unique and timely construction process, Globe-Trotter suitcases are incredibly strong and durable, as showcased by an early advertisement showing an elephant atop of one. Used by royalty and explorers like Sir Edmund Hilary, people prize Globe-Trotter luggage for its strength, security and style. In store we also have their intricate and hardwearing accessories made from cross grain leather. Items such as the passport covers and luggage tags are the perfect accompaniment to the Globe-Trotter range.


We have selected choice pieces from their Centenary Collection which was originally released in 1997 to celebrate the brand’s 100 year anniversary. Utilising bolder colours, but keeping the iconic leather trim, the range of luggage has been designed for the modern traveller. Extendable, wood turned handles and wheels make transportation much easier without compromising on the traditional look that has made Globe-Trotter famous the world over.

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SS15 Looks at Peggs & son.

We’ve been busy over the past few weeks here at Peggs & son and our SS15 Looks are now live for your browsing pleasure. Mixing some of our favourite pieces of the season, the Looks showcase the fantastic selections we have here in store and will hopefully provide some sort of inspiration for your summer wardrobes.

Below we have picked out some choice pictures and the rest can be viewed over on the Looks section of our website. We are planning many more so be sure to check back for updates. Huge thanks to James Hole for the photography and Electric Studio in Brighton for kindly letting us use their studio space.

SS15 Looks at Peggs & son. SS15 Looks at Peggs & son. SS15 Looks at Peggs & son. SS15 Looks at Peggs & son.

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Nike summer footwear at Peggs & son.Nike summer footwear at Peggs & son.

After some new trainers for the summer? Well you’re in luck as the new collection of Nike summer footwear has landed here at Peggs & son. Featuring styles old and new, there is something to cater for all tastes. First up is the bold Roshe Run featuring, for the first time, Flyknit technology on the upper. This lightweight but robust fabric has been seen on various Nike silhouettes in the past, but for SS15, the Roshe Run gets the Flyknit treatment in a bold volt colourway. Mixing this with a Natural Motion sole unit has resulted in a eye catching but supremely comfortable trainer.

Nike summer footwear at Peggs & son.Nike summer footwear at Peggs & son.

Next up we have the iconic Air Stab. Getting its first reissue since 2008, this version comes in the classic OG emerald colourway. Mixing lightweight mesh and soft suede, the upper has a retro look that is highly breathable and perfect for keeping feet cool on warm days. The robust sole unit features the distinctive detailing around the visible air bubble. Bizarrely linked with a series of stabbings in London, the name of the shoe is actually a shortening of the word stability, thanks to the reinforced heel panels that provide both comfort and support.

Nike summer shoes at Peggs & son. Nike Jack Shoot 1-4661

Finally we have perhaps the ultimate summer shoe from Nike, the Tennis Classic. A simple court shoe, it has been worn by many of the tennis greats with John McEnroe being a particularly big fan of the style. This version has been give the premium treatment with a supple leather upper and perforated swoosh detailing. In store we have two colourways, black and white, both featuring tonal laces and branded heels. The Tennis Classic PRM is a versatile shoe that works equally well with jeans, chinos or shorts for a laid back, casual summer look.

Nike summer shoes at Peggs & son. Nike summer shoes at Peggs & son.

We would like to thank Jack Stocker for the photography. You can check out our full Nike collection either in store or over on our website.



Acronym at Peggs & son.

Based in Berlin, Acronym is a label at the pioneering forefront of outerwear design. Blending the latest advances in fabric technology with an unrivalled approach to garment design, the clothing they produce is unique, futuristic, and perfect for protecting you from the elements. 

Working closely with the team at GORE-TEX, the jackets they produce, such as the J27-GT, are completely wind and waterproof as well as being highly breathable thanks to the microfibre technology and taped seam construction. However, this doesn’t get in the way of fit thanks to the ergonomic panelled construction that allows for unrestricted movement.

Acronym at Peggs & son. Acronym at Peggs & son.

Not only do they use the latest materials, it is their unwavering attention to detail that really sets Acronym apart. On the sleeve of each jacket is a laminated zipper which reveals a small internal pocket. This can be accessed on the inside of the cuff allowing for easy retrieval of items such as phones that are kept close to hand. Not only this, but the zippers feature a small hinge to hold them securely in place. Another touch are the small magnetic strips located near the collar that headphones can be attached to when not in use.

The label are innovators, doing what few other brands can even dream of. We are extremely happy to have Acronym at Peggs & son as we are only one of only a handful of stores in the world to stock the label.

Acronym at Peggs & son. Acronym at Peggs & son.

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Shoes Like Pottery at Peggs & son.

Hailing from Japan, Shoes Like Pottery craft exceptionally high quality canvas trainers. These are ideal for those who like their summer footwear understated, timeless and comfortable. With no shortage of low top styles to choose from, Shoes Like Pottery raise the standard with both their attention to detail and build quality.

At first the name of the brand seems slightly unusual. However it has been derived from the construction process that each shoe undergoes. Much like pottery, each shoe is placed in a kiln where, under extreme temperatures, they undergo a unique vulcanisation process that makes them more durable and flexible. The Japanese call this process ka-ryu.

Shoes Like Pottery at Peggs & son.Shoes Like Pottery at Peggs & son.

Each of the shoes we have here in store have been made by hand in Kurume, Japan and they all feature a blue stamp near the heel that bears the symbol of the lucky hammer. In Japanese folklore this is known as uchide no kozuchi and it is said that by swinging this lucky hammer, all of the holder’s wishes will come true. If your wish is to have a simple, but perfectly executed canvas trainer, then you’re in luck.

Here in store we have four colourways including blue, white, black and ecru. Each one features a textured canvas upper, a bold blue sole unit and rubber toe cap. For clean, minimal and understated style, look no further than the handcrafted footwear of Shoes Like Pottery.

Shoes Like Pottery at Peggs & son. Shoes Like Pottery at Peggs & son.

The whole collection from Shoes Like Pottery is now available in store and you can view it on our website by clicking here…


Summer shoes at Peggs & son.

Over the past few days it really seems like we have turned the corner from winter into spring. We can finally start about putting those down filled coats and leather boots away, at least for the next six or seven months. Our attention now turns to lighter weight shirts, shorts and of course trainers.

Here at Peggs & son, we’re already in the mood for the warmer weather and have a great selection of spring appropriate footwear. Both the Jack Purcell and Chuck Taylor models from Converse perfectly suit long summer days with their slimmed down silhouettes, classic detailing and simple colourways.

For an added touch of luxury, look no further than the offerings of Japanese label Shoes Like Pottery. By placing their shoes in kilns, the soles undergo a vulcanisation process to make them flexible, stronger and more durable. Coming in a range of four colourways, the canvas upper has been kept clean with a rubber toe cap finishing off each pair.

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Peggs x Edwin partyLast Tuesday, we hosted a party with Edwin jeans to celebrate 10 years of working together. A lot has changed in the past decade, but Edwin’s dedication to quality denim and our vision of serving the finest clothing to the discerning people of Brighton has never wavered.

We teamed up with MEATliquor for an evening of beers, burgers and indigo. We had a great night and must thank everyone who managed to make it down. But the party isn’t over yet, because we want to see your pictures of the evening. As if you needed any more of an excuse to share your photos, we will choose one lucky winner who will walk away with a new pair of Edwin ED-55 jeans. All you have to do is post them to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PeggsEdwin10.

To get you in the mood, we have posted a number of photos ourselves that we’re taken by our good friend James Hole. Only a small selection are featured here, but you can head over to our Facebook page where we have created an album. Once again, thanks to everyone who came and Edwin and MEATliquor for making it an evening to remember.


Peggs x Edwin party Peggs x Edwin party Peggs x Edwin party Peggs x Edwin partyPeggs x Edwin partyPeggs x Edwin partyPeggs x Edwin partyPeggs x Edwin partyPeggs x Edwin party