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Autumn/Winter 2013 at Peggs & son.

Welcome to Autumn/Winter 2013 at Peggs & son.

The new season is upon us and it’s shaping up to be something a little bit special. Alongside more familiar labels such as Our Legacy and APC, we will be bringing new brands to our eclectic selection. From technical outerwear to traditionally made English workwear, we have it covered. Nowhere else will you find the futuristic fabrics of Arc’teryx Veilance sat alongside the stunning replica jackets of Eastman.

Our first drop of products has already landed and we have new collections from YMC, Folk, Our Legacy, APC, Woolrich, Grenson, Oliver Spencer, Obey, Bellerose, LVC and many more in store and online. New labels are arriving daily from designers all over the world. So, if you like clean, modern styles from Scandinavia, rugged clothing from America, attention to detail from Japan or craftsmanship from England, we’re sure that we have something in store you will love.

Head on over to our online store to check the latest collection.



Come on gent’s let’s face it, sometimes when we get up in the morning the last thing on our minds is “what shall I wear to today” (normally we’re too busy thinking “coco-pops or marmite on toast”)

We may have become more inclined to think about our wardrobe wears in recent years but if we are brutally honest, comfort usually outguns fashion in the shootout stakes.

And that’s where navy stands with smoking gun in hand looking down on the effervescent prints and exuberant colours. Navy is your wing-man, your go-to-guy when the world of clothing appears all a bit too much.

The great thing about navy is you can wear it with anything, and we mean anything: a plain white Sunspel tee, the Norse botanical shirt or the tye-dye pink Jung Maven tee. Navy really is the colour that goes with everything.







So often, when men see a bit of colour they run a mile. Bright coloured attire veers so far from the sartorial classicism of navy and the monochrome subtleties of black and white, we, the male species, simply cannot comprehend how one could possibly eschew these colours into our everyday wears.

And yet colour is essential not only to our summer garb, but our wardrobe as a whole. Colour need not be looked upon as some young upstart meant only for troublesome teens and those who refuse to grow up (no names mentioned, uh-hum, our very own Robbie & Marcus.) In fact colour is the natural equilibrium to the essential, some would say more traditional hues of the aforementioned navy’s et al.

No one expects any self-respecting man to be drenched head-to-toe in some garish myriad of colours but team up the Norse Tristan Sweat with a good pair of Edwin’s, pull on the Lightning Bolt tee with the Our Legacy relaxed trouser or the Soulland Hansen shorts with the A.P.C Rue Royal tee and the Gourmet sneaks and voila, you’ll soon realise that navy isn’t the only colour us men can get away with.



We here at Peggs & son have a saying for denim: “It’s not about reinventing the wheel.” Basically, what we’re trying to say is, go with what suits you, your height, your build, your general style.

Denim is not about breaking down boundaries – leave that to your shirts, t-shirts and knitwear –  it is about getting a good shape; something you feel comfortable in but that accentuates your frame rather than hinders it i.e. if you’re a 36″ waist, think tapered not skinny.

With that in mind, here’s our short, sharp guide to the pair of you jeans you require:

CUTS: Be it the Edwin ED-55 tapered (roomy through the thigh, narrowing to the ankle), the Nudie Thinn Finn (our skinniest fitting jean) or the wider, more spacious Levi’s 1947, we’re convinced we have a style you’ll be proud to wear walking out of the shop.

The cut of your jeans are imperative in helping to frame not only your body-shape but the rest of your outfit in general. Getting the cut right is the important part, from there, you can choose whatever it is you want.

WASH: Denim aficionados will tell you denim should be raw – meaning it comes straight off the loom and is cut without any prior treatment – but raw denim and the patience it requires to ‘break in’, is not for everyone.

The brands we stock come in a variety of washes, from raw, dark denim to the lighter blue hues of the ED-55 Burner Wash and Nudie Thinn Finn Genuine Love.

It doesn’t end there either: each style (say the ED-71 for instance) comes in a different wash, so the likelihood is we will have both the cut and wash just for you.

SELVEDGE: This is wear we start to get a little bit technical.The word selvedge stems from a hybrid of self-edge (geddit!). It refers to the inner lining, or seam of the denim and is a sign of superior quality.

A pair of selvedge jeans are sturdier, far less likely to tear along the seam and give your jeans more of a structure and thus hold their shape. This is merely the tip of the iceberg but now is not the time to go too in-depth, we merely want to give you a taster.

PRICE: Essentially you get what you pay for. If you haven’t paid £120 for a pair of jeans before, it may seem a little steep but think about it, the average jean on the high-street costs about £40 and will last you six-months. Buy yourself a good pair of Edwin at £140 and you’ll get a good two or three years, if not more, out of them. It doesn’t take Einstein to do the maths.

We sell quality denim, much of it still made in Japan on the original American denim looms, so we can assure you you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

And one last thing: the 90’s may be back in fashion parlance but do not even think about boot cut jeans. No. Never.


Knitwear not nightmares

The great thing about no longer being a kid is that instead of having to wear that horrible, ill-fitting school jumper your nan knitted you (you know the school photos we’re talking about), you actually get to pick your own knit jumpers – ones that fit, ones that match your trousers or jeans, ones that you do not have to wear with your brothers hand-me-down shirt and garish coloured tie.

Here at Peggs & son we love a decent bit of knitwear. Stick it on with a t-shirt, put a blazer or coat over the top and bingo, another day in your wardrobe is sorted and you can let the rest of the day play out knowing no matter what happens, at least you’re going to look good.

We have a great selection for the A/W season – here’s a few of our favourite pieces. Click here to check out the full range at

S.T.A.T.E – A.P.C. SS12


A.P.C. was launched in 1988 by designer Jean Touitou and stands for Atelier de Production et de Crèation (“The creation and production of clothing”). A.P.C. is famed for their particular brand of understated cool. Using a blend of high quality fabrics, subtle styling and over 25 years of design experience they have been able to piece together some genuine modern classics.

This season we have selectively chosen a range of products from A.P.C.’s extensive SS12 catalogue, these include a mix of shirting including modern and classic cuts, summer weight chinos, rucksacks, fine gauge 100% wool crew neck knits, a range of individually styled t-shirts and of course a couple of their denim shapes made from some of the finest Japanese Selvage denim.

The collection is available online here now, but if you find yourself down in Brighton this summer drop into the store and see the collection first hand.

The sunglasses featured in this post are by Han Kjobenhavn and the shoes are by Maians