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For 15 years British label Folk have been staging a quiet revolution in the world of menswear. Taking the principles of good design, they have made a name for themselves through crafting clothing with intricate detailing and sumptuous materials. This, combined with their use of unusual patterns and bold colours, has garnered them many fans over the years whilst at the same time spawning countless imitators.

Founder and designer Cathal McAteer has been a long time friend of the store ever since we began stocking his label over 10 years ago. As his brand celebrate an important milestone, we thought it high time to sit down with the man to discuss the history of Folk, where he finds his inspiration and what the future has in store…


Folk was founded some 15 years ago; can you tell us a bit about the origins of the label?

Cathal: The origins are simply my desire to make my own clothes and all the notes I had squirrelled away on how I would do it if I could. I’ve been lucky to have gotten around a bit and all my life experiences have also assisted what we do here at Folk.

You’ve had a long history with menswear, starting in Glasgow I believe?

It started with a Saturday job I had in the shop Ichi Ni San. I was 16 and we sold many many magic brands: Dries Van Noten, Joe Casely Hayford, Costume National, Helmut Lang, Vivienne Westwood. From that moment I was involved. Knee deep. At 21 I moved to London to continue learning.

Without a pot to piss in I had to bide my time and save my pennies, learn and wait for the right opportunities to fall.

You’ve become known for your detail driven design aesthetic, so much so that is has turned into somewhat of a signature. Can you explain your obsession with the minutiae?

When I first started Folk the numbers were tiny.  This meant we did not reach minimums for fabrics and had to buy everything from stock houses. With these slim pickings it was of course not the most exciting range so we had to add the spark, the something else that would get us noticed.

Using colour and detail we shaped our aesthetic. This has evolved throughout the 15 years and has become something we now do very well. That extra, the discovery after purchase.

Your ambitions to design and create extend beyond just creating clothing, you have also made furniture in the past. What is it about furniture design that fascinates you?

I love all forms of design and furniture raised its head young for me. I was completely incompetent at school so going to Art/Design School was not option. I have never really wondered what it is about furniture design that I love, I just happen to draw a lot of furniture pieces. Hopefully one day I can get more of them made.

In the past you’ve also talked about Folk becoming a design house. Do you feel you have more to say beyond the confines of clothing design?  

For sure, but that is ambitious – which I am. But my first responsibility is to insure my fashion business is working. We have so much more to give in this area.

There seems to be a conscious effort to have a cohesive voice for Folk, how much importance do you put on things like shop fits, visual merchandising and social media all fitting with the ‘Folk’ way of doing things?

From the get go we have just gotten on with making product and opening stores, but in recent years we have been careful to bring it all together. This is a constant process and as it’s not my field we enrolled someone to assist us with a singular voice. The result is that we got more fucking focused and I am hoping everyone will benefit from this. I on the other hand get a bit twitchy…

What do we have to look forward to in AW17?

A reversible, metallic hooded, wadded jacket. A magic sheepskin, some great sweats. We also have a collaborative project involving Nick & Phil Goss two very lovely and talented artists.

What does the future hold for Folk?

More and more great product. Independence. Protesting with my family. Having fun… lots and lots of fun…


Many thanks to Cathal for taking the time to do this interview. You can see our latest Folk selection in store and online now.






We teamed up with our good friend and local menswear blogger Jake Story from Overdiluted to run through some of his favourite spring styles we have here in store. Taking to the streets of Brighton’s Seven Dials area, he chose an array of outfits all with the ever changing weather conditions in mind. Take a look below at his picks and see what he had to say about them:


“Initially, there might not seem much difference between my spring style and what I might wear in the winter – apart from the shorts, of course – but a lot of it comes down to the weight of materials. Spring is about as unpredictable as it comes, so it’s important that pieces are lightweight and layered. It’s all about adding up and taking away to keep yourself comfortable, which in my eyes is the art to perfecting your spring wardrobe.

You’ll need weatherproof jackets one day and shorts the next, which is why the Universal Works Bakers Jacket is a great piece: thin enough for a jumper or hoodie underneath and thick enough to do you some favours when things get a little chilly. Equally, both the YMC Deja Vu Trousers and visvim High Water Chinos aren’t as heavy as you might need for the colder months, which means you can comfortably get away with them on warmer days, despite the fact they’re full length. My favourite piece we shot has to be the Engineered Garments Parka in a nice and light poplin cotton that’s ace for the ever-changing conditions.”



And there you have it, spring layers courtesy of Overdiluted.  Many thanks to Jake Story for the words, modelling and styling and Jordan Wright for the images. You can see more of Jake’s work by clicking here.




There’s no summer holiday quite like a British holiday. With the grey skies and cold months all but a distant memory, it’s finally that time of year to crack out the shorts and sandals, drink copious amounts of cold beer and burn some food on the barbecue. Fear not, here in store we have all the clothing you need to accompany these activities.

Over on our Inspirations page we’ve created our holiday planning guides, where you will find our curated selection of packing essentials for all types of vacations. Whether you’re planning a short city break, a heavy festival weekend or a family trip to the beach, we have it all covered. You will find a fine selection of essentials, from the luxury luggage of Globe-Trotter to the quality sunglasses from Sun Buddies.

We always think that to make the most of your holiday, you want the clothing you bring to be both comfortable and versatile. Our featured selection includes tried and tested pieces from Norse Projects, A.P.C., Our Legacy, Sunspel, Officine Generale and Universal Works. Keeping it simple with grooming products, we’ve delved into our range from the likes of Baxter of California, Marvis, Laboratory Perfume and Barbasol.

To get us in the mood, we headed over to the Artist Residence, a small, boutique hotel located just off the seafront in the historic Regency Square. With sea views and an eclectic aesthetic, it is the perfect place to stay for a weekend away here in Brighton. See below for our experience when we headed there earlier this month.



Shop the full selection of our holiday planning guide over on our website now…



Peggs & son, Folk

With the new season starting to get underway, we have received the first drop from shop floor favourites, Folk. As much as we love their spring/summer collections, we think it is winter that they truly come into their own. The brand’s laid back but innovative approach has won them many plaudits over the years but they still continue to push forward with inventive ideas season after season.

Peggs & son, Folk

For AW14, a use of rich textures and interesting patterns are subtle enough not to be over the top, but each garment has its own personality and style. It is easy to boil Folk’s design ethos down to merely details, but the clothes themselves are much more than that. It is the choice of fabrics, the relaxed but modern cuts as well as the tiny features that give Folk an undeniable and unique aesthetic.

Peggs & son, Folk

Although it may be almost blasphemous to think about knits and coats at the beginning of July, these collections are full of lighter pieces. Long sleeve tees and shirts bridge the gap between the last lazy days of summer and the arrival of the autumn weather.

To take a look at the whole Folk collection, please head on over to our online store.



Peggs & son, summer shortsArc’teryx Veilance – Voronoi Shorts

With the days getting longer and the temperature rising, the time has inevitably come to bare those calves that have been kept under wraps for the past eight months. Fortunately we have a huge selection of shorts in store and online to suit all styles and needs. Whether you prefer something casual that finishes below the knee or you like to show off a bit of thigh, we have plenty to choose from.

Below we have set out some of our favourites of the season so far from the likes of Norse Projects, Engineered Garments, Oliver Spencer and more. For something a little more tailored and smart, the offerings from Gant Rugger are perfect. Premium materials and classic fits combine with light summer colours. For those that want something a bit more relaxed, the Austin shorts from Saturdays Surf NYC have been dyed with indigo and come in a lightweight material similar to that of jogging bottoms.

So, take a look below at the selections we have available (model wears a 34″ waist).

Peggs & son, summer shorts Saturdays Surf NYC – Austin Shorts

Peggs & son, summer shorts APC – Short Army Chic

Peggs & son, summer shorts Norse Projects – Harri Shorts

Peggs & son, summer shorts Engineered Garments – Tux Shorts

Peggs & son, summer shorts Gant Rugger – Oxford Check Shorts

Peggs & son, summer shortsUniversal Works – Dune Short

Shorts-3649 Engineered Garments – Cambridge Shorts

Peggs & son, summer shorts Gant Rugger – Glencheck Dress ShortsPeggs & son, summer shortsOliver Spencer – Skinny Short 

To see our complete selection of shorts, please head on over to the online store to see more from the likes of Folk, Common, Edwin, Hentsch Man and LVC…


Gloves, hats and scarves at Peggs & son.From the unmistakable Gallic styles of Armor Lux to the refined Scandinavian simplicity of Norse Projects, we have plenty of insulating accessories to help keep you warm over the coming months. And whilst a good coat and shoe combo can help keep your body and feet warm, gloves, hats and scarves are all equally important. As they say, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Gloves, hats and scarves at Peggs & son.

Gloves, hats and scarves at Peggs & son.For a smart and sophisticated look, try pairing the Oliver Spencer Biking gloves with a luxury silk scarf from Scottish label Crombie. If you fancy a modern twist on traditional British style, an MHL by Margaret Howell scarf works really well with the offerings from Universal Works and Folk. Below we have compiled a few looks that utilise our favourite winter accessories of the season so take a browse for some inspiration.

Gloves, hats and scarves at Peggs & son.

Gloves, hats and scarves at Peggs & son.
Hats, gloves and scarves also make great gift ideas and don’t forget that we are offering FREE standard UK shipping on all orders, no matter how much you spend. So if you see something you like, you won’t pay a penny extra to get it delivered.


Autumn/Winter 2013 at Peggs & son.

Welcome to Autumn/Winter 2013 at Peggs & son.

The new season is upon us and it’s shaping up to be something a little bit special. Alongside more familiar labels such as Our Legacy and APC, we will be bringing new brands to our eclectic selection. From technical outerwear to traditionally made English workwear, we have it covered. Nowhere else will you find the futuristic fabrics of Arc’teryx Veilance sat alongside the stunning replica jackets of Eastman.

Our first drop of products has already landed and we have new collections from YMC, Folk, Our Legacy, APC, Woolrich, Grenson, Oliver Spencer, Obey, Bellerose, LVC and many more in store and online. New labels are arriving daily from designers all over the world. So, if you like clean, modern styles from Scandinavia, rugged clothing from America, attention to detail from Japan or craftsmanship from England, we’re sure that we have something in store you will love.

Head on over to our online store to check the latest collection.

FOLK: The Loyal Friend

It seems an age since we last talked about one of our longest standing, and may we say, best brands, so we thought it was about time we gave FOLK the attention it deserves.

With a fine array of pieces, from the chunky knits to the quintessential quirkiness of knitted pocked shirts that have become an integral part of the Folk DNA, we think you will agree with us once again that the current A/W’12 collection cements Folks reputation as one of the best brands to come out of the British Isles in the past decade.

As well as the chunky knits and shirts there are the classic Blockless tees and Mac, a great choice of shirts and heavy knit cardis.

Time for a scarf

To the guy I saw strolling down the street in shorts and t-shirt yesterday, please pop in to see us because we need to sort out your winter attire; for the rest of you, I’m sure jeans and jumpers are already a staple part of your wardrobe and while we are always happy to help you add to your array of clothing, we know what you need right now is a decent scarf to go with your existing clobber.

If any item of clothing helps to ward off the deep chill of winter and the months of biting cold that lie ahead, look no further than the trusty old scarf. Tie a nice big knot, zip up the jacket, get your head down and venture into the wilds of a British winter.

Be careful not to walk past Peggs & son mind.

Don’t forget your Tee

While you are busy rushing around looking for a new jumper, a new coat, a new hat and scarf combo, it is easy to forget that underneath it all, you still need a decent t-shirt. Yes, we know it doesn’t garner the same attention under all those layers but the humble tee still needs to be a respected part of your wardrobe.

We here at Peggs & son are only too aware of the importance of a great t-shirt and that’s why we have such a fine array; from the stylish Sunspel number, to the HUF, Obey and PAM logo tees and the Norse and Folk classics, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, we stock it.

Get yourself in store or online now because for all its humble origins, the t-shirt is a pre- requisite come rain or shine.