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As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, our focus inevitably shifts from shirts and sweats to that most winter of garments, knitwear. From luxurious merino to brushed lambswool, this season we have a huge selection of knits in store from brands such as YMC, Norse Projects, MHL by Margaret Howell, S.N.S. Herning, Folk and many more.

Injecting some much needed colour and pattern into the grey days that lie ahead is Folk’s Interference Crew. The British label have carved out a reputation for themselves for creating unique clothing with a contemporary twist and the Interference crew, using geometric layered weave, is a prime example of this.

For something a little subtler, we have the Sigfred Lambswool from Danish label Norse Projects. Creating products perfectly suited for Scandinavian winters, the Sigfred is their minimal take on a simple winter knit and has been constructed using 100% lambswool that features a soft, brushed handle. But it is the glacier blue colourway that really wins it for us.

French brand Armor Lux know a thing or two about creating hardwearing warm clothing having supplied Brittany’s sailors with knitwear since 1938. Our pick is their winter take on the classic Breton stripe, the Pull Martin Heritage Knit that has been cut from dense lambswool. Complimenting the navy, white and red colourway are four Armor Lux branded buttons and finishing things off are a regular fit, heavy crew neck collar and small Armor Lux patch logo located near the hem.

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Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.


Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

Scandinavia has long been a centre for high quality, modern design. From architecture to art, furniture to textiles, this small area of Northern Europe punches well above its weight in the style stakes. We here at Peggs & son are big fans of the clothing from this region which is exemplified by flattering cuts and use of premium materials. Some of our favourite brands such as Norse Projects, Soulland, Our Legacy and Uniforms For The Dedicated all hail from the region, each with their own unique take on contemporary men’s clothing. We thought we would put a shoot together focusing on some key pieces of the season for your browsing pleasure. So carry on reading below for the latest in Scandinavian style at Peggs & son.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

With restaurants such as Noma and Amass, a vibrant art scene and picturesque city centre, Denmark’s Copenhagen is cultural and creative hub. Norse Projects, a brand who we have been stocking for many years, also happen to call it their home. Norse Projects have a clean, almost utilitarian approach to creating clothing. It is highly functional, well made, but with a distinct Scandinavian feel. Highlights include their winter accessories such as the Sigurd Scarf that has been made from an Italian virgin wool blend.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

We’re big fans of denim here at Peggs & son and for a unique and modern take on the humble jean, you can’t do much better than Sweden’s Nudie. We have a big range of styles here in store to cater for all tastes. Slim and straight, regular and tapered, washed or raw, we have you covered. All Nudie jeans are made from organic cotton and feature the instantly recognisable back pocket arcuate stitching.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

If there’s one thing that us British and the Scandinavian have in common, it’s the rain. Fortunately Swedish label Stutterheim have found a stylish way to combat the elements in the form of their Stockholm raincoat. Not made from fancy fabrics developed in a laboratory, instead founder Alexander Stutterheim looked to his grandfather’s wardrobe for inspiration. Cut from waxed cotton and featuring taped seams, the Stockholm is based around a classic fisherman’s style. Completely waterproof, it features a large adjustable hood, rivets on the slanted hip pockets and comes in a variety of different colourways.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

Finally in this Scandinavian special we look at the clothing from Soulland. Head designer Silas Adler takes in a range of influences when creating each new collection, but the clothing remains simple and understated in classic Scandinavian fashion. Wardrobe essentials are the brand’s main focus with contemporary updates on pieces such as long sleeve tees, hooded tops and turtle necks. Shown is the Miller Shirt, a multi patterned number that exudes Nordic cool.

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Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux

With a chill in the air, shortening days and frosty mornings, the time for knitwear is well and truly upon us. For many, the excuse to crack out their favourite woollen garment is one of the joys of the colder weather. In store we have plenty of different styles that range from rugged pure virgin wool offerings to more luxurious merino numbers. Whatever your taste, we have a knit here at Peggs & son to keep you warm over the coming months.

We have picked out our favourites of the season from four brands that approach the creation of knitwear in very different ways. The authentic offerings from S.N.S. Herning and Armor Lux have transcended their original purpose of keeping sailors warm on the open seas to become iconic in their own right. Norse Projects and Gant Rugger have gone for a modern and opulent approach using bold colours and patterns alongside materials such as alpaca to create their own contemporary takes on the humble knit.

Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux

As the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This statement could easily apply to the traditional knitwear of Danish label S.N.S. Herning. Founded in 1931 in the small town of Herning by Søren Nielsen Skyt, the company continue to produce exceptional knitwear using the famed bobble style that was pioneered all those years ago.

What sets their knits apart is more than just the bobble texture, it is the material used. S.N.S. Herning go to great lengths to source the finest pure new wool that is then woven on vintage machinery to create thick, robust garments. Take their iconic Fisherman knit, soft to the touch with the unmistakable bo bble texture, it features the colours of the sea and also has a fair bit of weight behind it. Holding it in your hands, you just know it will be warm, providing you with many years of protection from the cold weather.

Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux

Norse Projects have two things in common with S.N.S. Herning: they hail from Denmark and create exceptional knitwear. Where their fellow compatriots are based in heritage and tradition, Norse Projects are slightly more contemporary, pushing forward with interesting use of material and style. 

For AW14 they have released a collection of bubble knits that have been crafted using extra fine merino wool. This material comes from, unsurprisingly, the Merino sheep and is considered one of the softest wools in the world. It is highly prized for its hand feel, compact fibres, ability to draw moisture away from the skin and fantastic warmth to weight ratio. All of this adds up to some top quality knitwear that when mixed with Norse Project’s eye for detail creates something unique, modern and distinctly Scandinavian.

Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux charliegantmain1

Gant Rugger have a long history of creating clothing with a distinct American East Coast style. Blending the collegiate look with preppy influences, there is a gulf in aesthetic between their clothing and that of labels such as S.N.S. Herning. However different the appearance, the same dedication to quality underlines everything they do.

Gant Rugger’s approach utilises premium wool blends and mixes in modern cuts and traditional detailing to create something new and exciting. We are big fans of The Cable that is their take on the iconic Aran knit. Coming in the traditional off white ivory colourway, it is made using 100% wool and features a bold cable knit across the main body. This is a piece that encapsulates knitwear and for many is a wardrobe staple in the colder months. Throw on with a pair of jeans for a laid back, casual look.

Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux Peggs & son Knitwear Norse Projects Gant Rugger SNS Herning Armor Lux

With a rich history dating back to 1938, Armor Lux has a tradition of creating clothes with a nautical theme with colours reminiscent of the sea. The company has a rich Gallic heritage and is based in Brittany. Producing many of their own materials within France, Armor Lux is famous for its Breton striped patterns that adorn a large number of their knits.

Another one of their trademarks is the use of branded buttons that fasten the shoulder opening. This is a relic from a by gone era when sailors needed an easy way to get their clothing on and off whilst it was wet. All of their Sailor sweaters have been crafted using pure virgin wool for a hardwearing, thick feel. So interweaved is Armor Lux within French culture that they produce the uniforms for the French police, post office workers and SNCF railway staff. For that unmistakable French style, you need not look much further than Armor Lux.

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