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Holubar Deer Hunter jacket at Peggs & son.



Holubar Deer Hunter jacket at Peggs & son.

Few jackets are as iconic as the one worn by Robert De Niro in Michael Cimino’s film, The Deer Hunter. This jacket has entered coat folklore with fans of outerwear and the film crazed in their pursuit of finding one. Well, it has also been a slight obsession for us too and, after much work, we managed to track down the original manufacturer to create this world exclusive, exact reproduction.

Holubar Deer Hunter jacket at Peggs & son.Holubar Deer Hunter jacket at Peggs & son.

One of the original outdoor clothing manufacturers, Holubar have been making exceptional and innovative mountaineering equipment since 1947. Founded by Roy and Alice Holubar in Boulder, Colorado, they pioneered new materials such as 60/40 cloth and were one of the first companies in America to work with nylon and down.

But what bought them attention from the wider world was when one De Niro donned one of their parkas for the classic Vietnam film from 1979. Staying faithful to the original in every way, it features four external pockets, one on the reverse, large adjustable hood and a water resistant outer in that instantly recognisable orange colourway. Completing matters is Holubar and Peggs & son dual branding on the inner label. This is an incredibly rare jacket, exclusive to us with the kind of cultural heritage that very few other garments can achieve.

holubardeerhunter-0698Holubar Deer Hunter jacket at Peggs & son.

Take a look at the Holubar Deer Hunter jacket either in store or over on our website now…


Peggs & son Summer Suiting Engineered Garments

You don’t always have to have a formal occasion to go to in order to wear a suit, oh no. In fact with the right choice of cut and material, a summer suit can be an incredibly versatile and casual piece of clothing. Here we have the wonderful Baker Jacket from New York’s very own Engineered Garments. Made from cotton, it is completely unlined and unstructured leaving a relaxed and comfortable fit. As with all Engineered Garments clothing, it is a pleasure to wear but our favourite part of the Baker Jacket is the subtle batik pattern that features throughout.

Batik is a method of dying a textile by covering certain parts of the material in a thin layer of wax to create a contrast in colours. This deep blue and black batik offers an intriguing yet minimal pattern. What’s best of all though is that the Baker Jacket comes with matching Cambridge shorts to complete the ultimate smart/casual summer look.

Peggs & son Summer Suiting Engineered Garments

Peggs & son Summer Suiting Engineered Garments

Peggs & son Summer Suiting Engineered Garments

To see the rest of the Engineered Garments collection, please head on over to our website.


Crombie at Peggs & son.

When it comes to the world of clothing, there are a few labels out there that have a heritage and history as rich and varied and Crombie. In terms of global popularity, Crombie isn’t in the same league as Levi’s or Nike, but its history is staggering in a different way. Originally started in Scotland over 200 years ago, Crombie has always had a dedication to creating the finest cloth available. Merchants from London would often come and meet founder John Crombie eager for the richest offerings to present to their noble clients back in the capital.

From these humble beginnings spawned a global legacy that still lives on to this day. Crombie have clothed the likes of the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, Russian Tsars, the British Army, British Kings, The Beatles, US Presidents and Winston Churchill to name but a few. They have inspired operas such as Madame Butterfly, been personally awarded honors by Queen Victoria, helped establish companies such as Mitsubishi and Ronald Reagan was even wearing a Crombie coat when he was shot by John Hinckley.

Crombie at Peggs & son.

More recently, Crombie has established formal links with tailors around the world including those on Savile Row. This has lead to a client list that includes names such as Elton John, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger and they even made Jack Nicholson’s Joker costume for the 1989 Batman movie.

We are proud to stock Crombie and can safely say the level of quality and attention to detail is still up their with the very best. We have the amazing taped seam rain mac in a clean and modern fit as well as the wonderfully extravagant Great coat with all its traditional military detailing. In addition we have three luxurious silk neck scarves, which are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to an outfit.

Please head on over to the online store to check out the whole Crombie collection.


Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

2013 is a particularly important year for Japanese label Buzz Rickson’s as it is the 20th anniversary of their forming. Originally started by a group of friends who had a passion for military clothing, the label has grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers of military uniforms in the entire world. Perhaps what sets them apart from the other pretenders is their unrelenting pursuit of authenticity. They will scour the globe looking for the exact materials and accessories to create their clothing and if they cannot be found, they start the painstaking process of making the fabrics themselves from scratch.

Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

To commemorate their 20th birthday, Buzz have released a special edition sweat of which we have a number in store. These beautiful pieces are made using 100% cotton on vintage looms and are crafted using some of the finest loopback construction available. This process results in a soft, durable and, perhaps most importantly, warm sweat that will last many years. They have a definite sportswear vibe to them and would have been worn by soldiers when off duty.

Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

As well as the sweats we have a wonderful selection of shirts coming in charcoal and brown chambray. These rugged, hardwearng designs are based on a workwear look with the straight hem, high vents, gusset details and two button fastened pockets on the chest.

Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

But perhaps the most special piece from this seasons collection is the exquisite William Gibson A-2 Flight Jacket. Made from vegetable tanned Bronco Hide leather, this stunning coat is based on a classic aviation jacket, but comes in a sleeker, sharper silhouette in typical William Gibson fashion. When you put this jacket on, you are immediately surrounded with the heady smell of leather, a sign of the true quality of the materials used.

To check out the whole of 20th Anniversary collection, as well as all our Buzz Rickson’s stock, please head on over to the website.


YMC at Peggs & son.

The newest additions to the YMC collection are now in store. As well as chunky knits there are a series of ska inspired tees, shirts and sweats. One of our favourite pieces from this season however is the Lazer Cut jacket. This is somewhere between a coat and an overshirt and will be perfect once the temperature drops and the evenings start to get that little bit colder.

YMC at Peggs & son.

YMC also love to use bold imagery which is evident in this white tee. The classic horror movie look works really well. As well as the aesthetics, the tee is made from 100% organic ring spun cotton and the shoulder seams are reinforced for durability.

YMC at Peggs & son.

This checked little beauty, catchily named the Checkered tee, clearly takes inspiration from the fashion surrounding ska, punk and 2tone music. The fine print is an unusual one but under the skilled hands of YMC works really well. It has a regular fit and is made using 100% cotton.

To see the rest of the YMC collection, head on over to the online store.



Oliver Spencer at Peggs & son.

Ah, the affable Mr. Oliver Spencer, the man who manages to merge classic and contemporary with consummate ease. From Eton Collar shirts to Portland jackets and chunky wool/cashmere knits, this season once again bares witness to the mercurial talents of this English gent. So, without further ado and with the hyperbole surrounding his sartorial wears placed to one side, let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite pieces from the forthcoming AW13 season.

Ok, so a chunky knit may not seem the ideal purchase in the height of summer but give it a month or so (sorry but it’s true) and you’ll be wishing you’d snapped one up before they’re all gone. Spencer has brought the David knit bang up to date through various methods. Made from a heady mix of virgin wool, nylon, viscose and cashmere, this knit is tough, durable and incredibly soft while the intricate woven ‘+’ pattern creates a unique silhouette rarely seen on traditional garb. Add to that the vibrant Tabasco orange colourway and you’ve got the perfect knit for autumn/winter.

Oliver Spencer at Peggs & son.

The One Pocket shirt is possibly the perfect example of Spencer’s ability to combine traditional tailoring and modern menswear. There’s only so much one man can do to alter a shirt but Spencer gives it a unique feel with the curved hem line and the distinctive horizontal stripes and colours give this shirt a truly modern feel. Perfect.

Oliver Spencer at Peggs & son.

As the old saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This adage is certainly true where the Portland Jacket is concerned. Made from 100% wool, this slim fitting blazer has a soft, subtle texture to it but it’s in the details, once again, where this jacket stands out from the crowd. With buttons carved from wood, a fully lined green interior and intricate pocket details, this is a must have for the cold snap.

To see the rest of the Oliver Spencer collection, head over to to our online shop.


new collections at peggs & son (2)

New stock is coming in thick and fast. As well as shoes from Grenson, socks from Burlington and wallets from Il Bussetto, we have new collections in from Our Legacy, Woolrich, Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Topo Designs. Don’t worry, it’s not all woollen jackets and scarves, there are lighter pieces such as tees, shirts and blazers to make that transition into autumn slightly more bearable.

new collections at peggs & son

To give you a little taste of what’s in store and online we have compiled a few looks using some of our favourite pieces. As usual we really like the suiting from Our Legacy and the casual Americana of Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Woolrich. Topo Designs are a new brand to us here at Peggs & son but we love their functional approach to bags. The looks feature plenty of textured fabrics, darker colours and interesting layering possibilities. Most importantly they can withstand the unpredictable British weather we have to endure at this time of the year.

Our Legacy aw13 at Peggs & son

Our Legacy


The guys from Sweden continue to do what they do best: clean, simple styles that have a timeless feel to them. On show here is the amazing three button rolling blazer. Although now seems like the worst time to talk about items made from wool, in a few weeks time this stunning blazer will come into its own. It is paired with the lively Jacquard Dots tee which utilises pattern to great effect. The rest of the collection features printed shirts, chunky sweats, versatile coats and formal trousers. Pop by the shop to see the garments in the flesh.

LVC aw13 at Peggs & son


The guys over at the LVC department of Levi’s like to look back through their illustrious archives and recreate classic garments. This results in some stunning vintage pieces such as this 1960s Striped Tee. Inspired by Motown’s musical revolution and constructed using 100% Portuguese cotton, the tee is soft to the touch and comes in an orange, black and white colourway. The horizontal striped pattern is reminiscent of a musical score, a nod to its heritage. The rest of the collection features classic sportswear sweats and some amazing 501’s from various periods that stay true to the original designs.

Topo Designs aw13 at Peggs & son

Topo Designs


Topo bags are created by people who live and breathe the great outdoors. Coming from the Rocky Mountains in the west of the USA, the label was born out of the need for rugged and robust gear. This part of America is famed for its wilderness and Topo Designs bags utilise this amazing landscape for inspiration and the bags they create are designed for people who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as fishing, skiing, hiking, climbing, biking and just plain old travelling. The bags are simple, beautiful and, most importantly, functional. Because the bags are created by genuine enthusiasts they are to the highest specifications.

woolrich aw13 at Peggs & son


Woolrich are one of the oldest clothing labels in America and have been producing workwear for well over 180 years. Their dedication to creating quality clothing is clear to see in their new collection which features super soft but light weight sweaters made from premium Geelong wool alongside lightweight printed shirts. It is, however, the Felted jacket in camo that has got us all hot and bothered here at Peggs & son. We love the camo print and fit which is perfect for remaining undetected yet smart in the great outdoors.

April Showers


Mighty Mac – Aro Turn Coat

The recent sun has been replaced by rain over the last week and we have quite enjoyed it. After all, we love England and its seasons, though it has felt a little like Manchester with all the dampness. Silver linings though, it has given us a chance to bust out our raincoats. If you are ill prepared for this weather, check out the selection we have put together for you below: a nifty mix of technical waterproofs, heritage shapes and a rainbow array of colours.


Norse Projects x Elka


P.A.M -Bounce Spray Jacket


Folk – Rainmac


Patagonia – Torrent Shell

S.T.A.T.E – Patagonia SS12


Founded in the 70’s by a band of climbers and surfers. Patagonia sits apart from many other brands that we stock here at Peggs & son. Their discipline is providing technical clothing to withstand the elements, be it thermal clothing to keep you warm in subzero temperatures,  walking boots durable enough to cross a desert or lightweight outer-shells to keep you dry in style.

They do not see themselves as a fashion brand, their simplistic designs serve a purpose and each of their products has a utilitarian aesthetic and easy to wear feel. Every customer that buys a piece comes back for more. This gear is the real deal. Forget the pretenders and buy the best.

“Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.




Featured products: Torrent Shell Jackets Orange/Blue/Black, Chacabuco Pack (32L) Black, P-6 Logo Tee.

See the full collection online here.