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SSDD at Peggs & son.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the much sought after SSDD collection is now in store and online. This extremely limited line from Eric Brunetti is made from premium materials but still manages to retain an urban, slightly gritty edge.

SSDD at Peggs & son.

The collection, called ‘A Denial’, references classic pieces of American clothing such as varsities, deck jackets and leather coats and updates them with the brands strong use of imagery.


Premium materials combine with quality cuts to provide garments that are effortless to wear but are built to last. Eric Brunetti, the man behind the label, has worked with many brands over the years and we feel that this could perhaps be one of his best collections yet.


Many thanks to The Level for the photographs and Marwood Coffee Shop for letting us use their wonderful garden. To check the rest of the SSDD collection out, please head on over to our brand new website.


Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

2013 is a particularly important year for Japanese label Buzz Rickson’s as it is the 20th anniversary of their forming. Originally started by a group of friends who had a passion for military clothing, the label has grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers of military uniforms in the entire world. Perhaps what sets them apart from the other pretenders is their unrelenting pursuit of authenticity. They will scour the globe looking for the exact materials and accessories to create their clothing and if they cannot be found, they start the painstaking process of making the fabrics themselves from scratch.

Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

To commemorate their 20th birthday, Buzz have released a special edition sweat of which we have a number in store. These beautiful pieces are made using 100% cotton on vintage looms and are crafted using some of the finest loopback construction available. This process results in a soft, durable and, perhaps most importantly, warm sweat that will last many years. They have a definite sportswear vibe to them and would have been worn by soldiers when off duty.

Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

As well as the sweats we have a wonderful selection of shirts coming in charcoal and brown chambray. These rugged, hardwearng designs are based on a workwear look with the straight hem, high vents, gusset details and two button fastened pockets on the chest.

Buzz Rickson's at Peggs & son.

But perhaps the most special piece from this seasons collection is the exquisite William Gibson A-2 Flight Jacket. Made from vegetable tanned Bronco Hide leather, this stunning coat is based on a classic aviation jacket, but comes in a sleeker, sharper silhouette in typical William Gibson fashion. When you put this jacket on, you are immediately surrounded with the heady smell of leather, a sign of the true quality of the materials used.

To check out the whole of 20th Anniversary collection, as well as all our Buzz Rickson’s stock, please head on over to the website.


Soulland at Peggs & son.

We are very happy to see the new Soulland collection hit our rails. Last season was our first taste of the Danish brand and we loved their interesting take on classic pieces of menswear. For AW13, Soulland have taken inspiration from mid-twentieth century Japanese baseball. They studied the traditions and cultural significance of the game and the strong imagery they discovered perfectly compliments Soulland’s approach to clothing.

Soulland at Peggs & son.

Although the subject of Japanese baseball seems a slightly odd choice, it is the aesthetic that Soulland were fascinated by. Silas Adler, head designer at Soulland explains: “Team jerseys, baseball mascots and the fan culture obviously played a central inspirational role for the season. We were particularly inspired by the art of Japanese baseball cards produced from the early 1900s to the 1960s.”

Soulland at Peggs & son.

This is evident in the collection of Oxford shirts which have hand drawn prints embroided on the fabric in the style of vintage baseball cards. Large ‘HOME’ and ‘AWAY’ lettering is used and team mascots and symbols adorn the sleeves. Interestingly, this style comes from the homemade cards that fanatical supporters used to make due to the lack of any official ones. The DIY look really adds something different that a precision crafted logo could never quite capture.

Soulland at Peggs & son.

Other than the shirts, Soulland have released tees, jumpers and trousers, all in the similar, unmistakable style. They manage to casually fuse streetwear and sportswear into something new and exciting. Behind all this, the cuts and use of fabric is as good as you’re likely to find anywhere. These are clothes designed to be worn. A lot.

Head on over to our online shop to check out the rest of the collection.


Banner1jpgLeft to right: Nashville, ED-47, ED-55, ED-71, ED-80

When it comes to denim, we here at Peggs & son think that Edwin make some of the best out there. Coming straight from Japan, Edwin take the art of crafting denim to the next level. It all started back in Tokyo in 1947 when a gentleman named Mr. Tsunemi started to import jeans from the United States as Japanese denim didn’t really exist. By 1961, demand got so great he started manufacturing denim on old American looms and released the first pair Edwin jeans.

Throughout history, Edwin have been at the forefront of denim technology. They have produced the world’s heaviest ringspun denim jean (16oz) and invented the technique known as stone washing to create jeans that have that worn in look. This started a trend in the industry which even the likes of Levi’s and Lee followed.

At Peggs & son, we sell a multitude of Edwin jeans, from washed to raw, red selvedge to rainbow selvedge. Each cut is denoted by a code and to someone who is unfamiliar with the labelling system, things can get very confusing. With this in mind we have decided to create a guide to help you find which Edwin jean is best for you.





A classic fitting jean from Edwin. These are a simple style featuring a mid rise and a straight leg. These are similar in a way to the ED-47 but have more room in the thigh to accommodate men with wider legs. A very versatile jean that reminds us of classic Levi’s shapes from the 50s and 60s.





The ED-47 could probably be most comparable to the classic Levi’s 501. The rise is fairly low and the leg is completely straight. That is not to say that they are baggy at all, they fit like a regular pair of jeans. These are a traditional cut that has been popular since the dawn of denim. Simple and understated, they work amazingly well with boots, shoes and trainers making them a perfect all round pair of jeans.





The ED-55 is perhaps the most popular cut from Edwin. They have a relaxed but tapered fit. Around the rise (the measurement from the waistband to the crotch seam) and thigh, the jeans are reasonably loose fitting. However there is a taper from the knee to the hem which means that the jeans sit nicely on the ankle for a clean and modern look. Men with larger thighs who still want that skinny fit often find this the perfect cut.





The ED-71 is Edwin’s classic skinny jean and a very popular model. If you like a nice slim fit then these are the ones for you. They are close on the thighs and have a taper down to the hem from the ankle. If you have the right body shape then these are a seriously good looking bit of denim. However, some people don’t like that tight fit and prefer the comfort of something a little more relaxing and casual.





ED-80 is Edwin’s skinniest fitting jean and is perfect for those who love a thigh hugging fit. Some people really don’t like anything that is baggy and this is the ideal piece of denim for them. These look great with big shoes or even a nice pair of trainers. Pair with a plain white tee for a timeless and simple look.


Sometimes finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a laborious task with hours being spent in and out of the dressing room. Edwin have a huge selection to cater for even the fussiest of jeans wearers. As a general rule, the lower the number, the looser the fit. If you have any questions about fits and cuts, please don’t hesitate to contact us further.

Masters of bags

In a world that is slowly morphing into some kind of bland shadow of its regurgitated self, we like to think here at Peggs & son we still offer you the chance to create a little bit of individualism; the opportunity to walk down the street as a purveyor of exceptions rather than norms. We also like to think that by stocking brands such as Masterpiece bags, you really can be a little bit different to everyone else.

From classic canvas backpacks with suede paneling to extravagant prints polished off with fine leather fastenings and linings, the Japanese brand have been making wonderfully crafted bags since the early 90’s, creating a place in the market that is yet to be surpassed.

Numbers on these bags are incredibly limited – like everything we stock to be honest – and for this reason, there will be little to no chance you’ll see anyone else crashing your party with the same bag on their shoulders. Here’s to the individual in us all.

CREEP by Hiroshi Awai

It never fails to surprise us here at Peggs & son how as soon as the nights draw in, the mercury levels head south and the scarf becomes a permanent fixture on the coat stand, our wardrobe suddenly takes on a darker persona, quite literally; the colours all become gray and navy, black and heavy shades of green, the brighter hues of summer disappearing with the sun.

So why not try to keep the spirit of summer – or what there was of it – alive this season with some vibrant, multi-coloured prints and block colour-way shirts and jackets from Japanese label CREEP.