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Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.



Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

Scandinavia has long been a centre for high quality, modern design. From architecture to art, furniture to textiles, this small area of Northern Europe punches well above its weight in the style stakes. We here at Peggs & son are big fans of the clothing from this region which is exemplified by flattering cuts and use of premium materials. Some of our favourite brands such as Norse Projects, Soulland, Our Legacy and Uniforms For The Dedicated all hail from the region, each with their own unique take on contemporary men’s clothing. We thought we would put a shoot together focusing on some key pieces of the season for your browsing pleasure. So carry on reading below for the latest in Scandinavian style at Peggs & son.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

With restaurants such as Noma and Amass, a vibrant art scene and picturesque city centre, Denmark’s Copenhagen is cultural and creative hub. Norse Projects, a brand who we have been stocking for many years, also happen to call it their home. Norse Projects have a clean, almost utilitarian approach to creating clothing. It is highly functional, well made, but with a distinct Scandinavian feel. Highlights include their winter accessories such as the Sigurd Scarf that has been made from an Italian virgin wool blend.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

We’re big fans of denim here at Peggs & son and for a unique and modern take on the humble jean, you can’t do much better than Sweden’s Nudie. We have a big range of styles here in store to cater for all tastes. Slim and straight, regular and tapered, washed or raw, we have you covered. All Nudie jeans are made from organic cotton and feature the instantly recognisable back pocket arcuate stitching.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

If there’s one thing that us British and the Scandinavian have in common, it’s the rain. Fortunately Swedish label Stutterheim have found a stylish way to combat the elements in the form of their Stockholm raincoat. Not made from fancy fabrics developed in a laboratory, instead founder Alexander Stutterheim looked to his grandfather’s wardrobe for inspiration. Cut from waxed cotton and featuring taped seams, the Stockholm is based around a classic fisherman’s style. Completely waterproof, it features a large adjustable hood, rivets on the slanted hip pockets and comes in a variety of different colourways.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

Finally in this Scandinavian special we look at the clothing from Soulland. Head designer Silas Adler takes in a range of influences when creating each new collection, but the clothing remains simple and understated in classic Scandinavian fashion. Wardrobe essentials are the brand’s main focus with contemporary updates on pieces such as long sleeve tees, hooded tops and turtle necks. Shown is the Miller Shirt, a multi patterned number that exudes Nordic cool.

Take a look at the selection of Scandinavian clothing we have here in store over on our website now…


If there is one colour we’re ‘feeling’ more than any other at Peggs & son this Autumn, it has to be black.

Black may be synonymous with death but more importantly it marches to the beat of classic elegance, rock’n’roll rebellion and an understated sophistication that other colours simply can’t compete with. What other colour could be so readily associated with both Parisian chic and British punk? Black isn’t afraid of anything or anyone and therefore no matter your sartorial preferences it is a must for your new wardrobe.

This season we have some great brands all producing amazing ranges in black:

Matthew Miller and Swedish brand Common are two new names we are proud to present this season. Creating cutting edge logo / vinyl sweats, tapered trousers and bombers jackets, these are two of our favourite new brands to arrive in store for the forthcoming season.


Grenson, Bass Weejuns and Dr Martens have been producing exceptional footwear since the days of our grandfather’s youth. This season sees little reason to break with tradition and they all continue with classic footwear that can be worn in the modern age. Whether you’re looking for brogues or tassle loafers, a night at the restaurant or out on the tiles, we have a great range of shoes from some of the worlds most prestigious cobblers. And if you do want to play it more contemporary, it doesn’t get any better than the Gourmet X Black Scale collab sneaks.


If you’re looking for a good pair of black trousers or jeans we know we can sort you out. From the wonderfully tapered trousers from Belgium outfitters Bellerose or our new favourites, Common, through to Edwin or Nudie jeans, we have some of the sharpest cuts in town.

This season there is little doubt, black is most certainly back. Bomber jackets or sweats, trousers or Sunspel tees and polo shirts, loafers, brogues or boots, black really is the perfect colour to compliment your Autumnal wardrobe.


We here at Peggs & son have a saying for denim: “It’s not about reinventing the wheel.” Basically, what we’re trying to say is, go with what suits you, your height, your build, your general style.

Denim is not about breaking down boundaries – leave that to your shirts, t-shirts and knitwear –  it is about getting a good shape; something you feel comfortable in but that accentuates your frame rather than hinders it i.e. if you’re a 36″ waist, think tapered not skinny.

With that in mind, here’s our short, sharp guide to the pair of you jeans you require:

CUTS: Be it the Edwin ED-55 tapered (roomy through the thigh, narrowing to the ankle), the Nudie Thinn Finn (our skinniest fitting jean) or the wider, more spacious Levi’s 1947, we’re convinced we have a style you’ll be proud to wear walking out of the shop.

The cut of your jeans are imperative in helping to frame not only your body-shape but the rest of your outfit in general. Getting the cut right is the important part, from there, you can choose whatever it is you want.

WASH: Denim aficionados will tell you denim should be raw – meaning it comes straight off the loom and is cut without any prior treatment – but raw denim and the patience it requires to ‘break in’, is not for everyone.

The brands we stock come in a variety of washes, from raw, dark denim to the lighter blue hues of the ED-55 Burner Wash and Nudie Thinn Finn Genuine Love.

It doesn’t end there either: each style (say the ED-71 for instance) comes in a different wash, so the likelihood is we will have both the cut and wash just for you.

SELVEDGE: This is wear we start to get a little bit technical.The word selvedge stems from a hybrid of self-edge (geddit!). It refers to the inner lining, or seam of the denim and is a sign of superior quality.

A pair of selvedge jeans are sturdier, far less likely to tear along the seam and give your jeans more of a structure and thus hold their shape. This is merely the tip of the iceberg but now is not the time to go too in-depth, we merely want to give you a taster.

PRICE: Essentially you get what you pay for. If you haven’t paid £120 for a pair of jeans before, it may seem a little steep but think about it, the average jean on the high-street costs about £40 and will last you six-months. Buy yourself a good pair of Edwin at £140 and you’ll get a good two or three years, if not more, out of them. It doesn’t take Einstein to do the maths.

We sell quality denim, much of it still made in Japan on the original American denim looms, so we can assure you you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

And one last thing: the 90’s may be back in fashion parlance but do not even think about boot cut jeans. No. Never.