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Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.



Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

Scandinavia has long been a centre for high quality, modern design. From architecture to art, furniture to textiles, this small area of Northern Europe punches well above its weight in the style stakes. We here at Peggs & son are big fans of the clothing from this region which is exemplified by flattering cuts and use of premium materials. Some of our favourite brands such as Norse Projects, Soulland, Our Legacy and Uniforms For The Dedicated all hail from the region, each with their own unique take on contemporary men’s clothing. We thought we would put a shoot together focusing on some key pieces of the season for your browsing pleasure. So carry on reading below for the latest in Scandinavian style at Peggs & son.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

With restaurants such as Noma and Amass, a vibrant art scene and picturesque city centre, Denmark’s Copenhagen is cultural and creative hub. Norse Projects, a brand who we have been stocking for many years, also happen to call it their home. Norse Projects have a clean, almost utilitarian approach to creating clothing. It is highly functional, well made, but with a distinct Scandinavian feel. Highlights include their winter accessories such as the Sigurd Scarf that has been made from an Italian virgin wool blend.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

We’re big fans of denim here at Peggs & son and for a unique and modern take on the humble jean, you can’t do much better than Sweden’s Nudie. We have a big range of styles here in store to cater for all tastes. Slim and straight, regular and tapered, washed or raw, we have you covered. All Nudie jeans are made from organic cotton and feature the instantly recognisable back pocket arcuate stitching.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

If there’s one thing that us British and the Scandinavian have in common, it’s the rain. Fortunately Swedish label Stutterheim have found a stylish way to combat the elements in the form of their Stockholm raincoat. Not made from fancy fabrics developed in a laboratory, instead founder Alexander Stutterheim looked to his grandfather’s wardrobe for inspiration. Cut from waxed cotton and featuring taped seams, the Stockholm is based around a classic fisherman’s style. Completely waterproof, it features a large adjustable hood, rivets on the slanted hip pockets and comes in a variety of different colourways.

Scandinavian Style at Peggs & son.

Finally in this Scandinavian special we look at the clothing from Soulland. Head designer Silas Adler takes in a range of influences when creating each new collection, but the clothing remains simple and understated in classic Scandinavian fashion. Wardrobe essentials are the brand’s main focus with contemporary updates on pieces such as long sleeve tees, hooded tops and turtle necks. Shown is the Miller Shirt, a multi patterned number that exudes Nordic cool.

Take a look at the selection of Scandinavian clothing we have here in store over on our website now…


Peggs & son new season

The world of fashion waits for no man. The wheels keep turning and with the start of the new year comes the start of the new season. Now, we know the idea of summer shirts and shorts seems utterly ridiculous in this bitterly cold January we are having, but don’t worry, many designers and labels have thought about this tricky transition period and produced some exceptional clothing that bridges the gap between the cold of winter and the relative warmness of spring.

The past couple of days have been particularly busy here at Peggs & son. As well as our winter SALE (it’s still going strong, check it out) we have had loads of great new stock through the door. Old favourites Our Legacy are back with their trademark shirting and Burlington have gifted us with a whole load of new styles and colourways. However, what has got us most excited is the arrival of a brand new label, to us at least anyway. We are happy to announce the arrival of Nike to the store. With regular drops several times a year, we will be stocking classic styles as well as some more limited edition trainers. So with the new year well and truly under way, come and take a look at what the new season has to offer…



Image from selectism.com

Image from selectism.com

Sartorial style and literature have always made for a good relationship; from the salubrious elegance and decadence of Jay in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal classic The Great Gatsby to the straight-leg, high rolled denim and plain white tees favoured by Dean Moriarty in the Kerouac epic On The Road, the clothes on the characters backs are pivotal to the words which accompany the narrative.

The bond between books and fashion has just become a little tighter thanks to Penguin and the editors of men’s fashion magazine Fantastic Man who have joined forces to produce Buttoned Up, a compact 112-page homage to the recent trend of hip East End inhabitants and their fully fastened shirts.

Part of the recent series dedicated to 125 years of the London Underground, this great little read combines essays, interviews and photos of well-attired gents in their Sunday best, drawn together in the name of contemporary sartorial elegance to give us the opportunity to bring our wardrobe into the modern world while maintaining the tact and decorum associated with any self-discerning gent.

To see our full range of shirts, including the new A/W collections from BELLEROSE, WOOLRICH and OUR LEGACY, click here.



Ah, the summer months: lying by turquoise blue seas, sunning yourself under cloudless skies, sipping on some exotic beverage that looks like it was concocted in some far off land. It all sounds so idyllic… until it’s ruined by some beast of a fella’ yelling at his kids while marauding about – like the Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant – in some obscene, ill-fitting attire splayed with (un)witty slogans, shorts that only a surfer should wear and cumbersome shoes that look like hand-me-downs from a distant relative.

It never fails to amaze us here at Peggs & son just how wrong some men get their holiday attire when really it’s all about keeping it clean and simple. A good Sunspel, Oliver Spencer or Armor Lux t-shirt, a pair of Levis Made & Crafted, or Woolrich tailored shorts and a comfortable pair of Mr. Hare loafers, Eastland Deck Shoes or Our Legacy pumps and you’re set to at least look like you could be mixing with the Rat Pack on the French Riviera.


M&C SHORTSMR HAREOLI SPENsailor_breton_-_white_navy_3_




So often, when men see a bit of colour they run a mile. Bright coloured attire veers so far from the sartorial classicism of navy and the monochrome subtleties of black and white, we, the male species, simply cannot comprehend how one could possibly eschew these colours into our everyday wears.

And yet colour is essential not only to our summer garb, but our wardrobe as a whole. Colour need not be looked upon as some young upstart meant only for troublesome teens and those who refuse to grow up (no names mentioned, uh-hum, our very own Robbie & Marcus.) In fact colour is the natural equilibrium to the essential, some would say more traditional hues of the aforementioned navy’s et al.

No one expects any self-respecting man to be drenched head-to-toe in some garish myriad of colours but team up the Norse Tristan Sweat with a good pair of Edwin’s, pull on the Lightning Bolt tee with the Our Legacy relaxed trouser or the Soulland Hansen shorts with the A.P.C Rue Royal tee and the Gourmet sneaks and voila, you’ll soon realise that navy isn’t the only colour us men can get away with.


Get your coat…

Blimey people, it’s blood freezing out there, if you haven’t got your winter coat, why on earth not? And if you haven’t bought if from Peggs & son then shame on you.

Fret not though, we shall forgive you because we know you were just waiting for all our winter stock to arrive before you made the decision…and let’s face it, with our wonderful eclectic mix of classic parkas from Woolrich and Obey to the truly individual Mister Freedom Drover jacket, we are convinced if you need the jacket just for you, then we have it.

Get yourself in store or over to our website to check out all the latest coats and jackets, you will not be disappointed.

Who’s Legacy?

Sometimes, when the DHL man comes through our door laden down with a plethora of boxes, the heart can sink at the labour and toil that lies ahead before we can present it to you, our loyal customer. But when those boxes have the words Our Legacy plastered across their exterior, the work seems worth it.

Co-founded by Swedish designers Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin in 2005, the brand effortlessly fuses a sense of everyday casual with a nod towards modern-day tailoring.

And this season at Peggs & son, we truly do have some great pieces from the Swedish fashion maestros; from the super-cool patterned shirts (a personal fave of mine), through to the casual cotton sweaters and wool jackets, Our Legacy is destined to be an essential part of any mans sartorial armoury for Autumn/Winter.

All images courtesy of our good friend Isaac Morgan. Check him out at http://youscorehigh.tumblr.com/