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Topo Designs at Peggs & son

We all love the great outdoors. Walking, riding, camping, fishing, basically absorbing Mother Nature in all her glory. A brand who shares this passion for the countryside are Topo Designs, a new label to us here who create hard wearing, highly usable bags. Hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the guys behind Topo Designs have been using gear ever since they can remember. When they went rock climbing, white water rafting or skiing, they were never satisfied by standard bags. They ripped too easily, weren’t waterproof and lack storage options was always a problem. They decided to do something about this and as a result, Topo Designs was born.

Topo Designs at Peggs & son

All the bags are thoroughly thought through in the design process. When creating their first bag, Topo Designs took their time, made prototype after prototype, tested, re-tested, took vacations just as an excuse to test and then finally they had their first bag. As demand for these beautiful bags increased, production needed to step up. But in typical Topo fashion, they sourced the manufacturing locally and to this day all of the bags are still made by hand in Colorado.

Topo Designs at Peggs & son

Take the Mini Mountain bag. Being compact, it is ideal for the daily commute or a brief overnight stay. The combination of the tough Cordura exterior and the heavy duty 18oz waterproof truck tarp means that the Mini Mountain Bag can withstand anything daily life throws at it.

Topo Designs at Peggs & son

The Cinch Tote is the perfect bag for all your daily needs. Whether it be taking the shopping home, carrying your belongings to the office or packing a picnic for the beach, the Cinch Tote fits the bill. The opening of the bag is a vibrant yellow colour which is sealed with an adjustable cord and the Cinch Tote also has an optional strap that allows you to carry it over your shoulder if you so desire.

Topo Designs at Peggs & son

Finally we come to the Light Day Pack, a coated nylon number that we consider to be the prefect everyday backpack. It’s lightweight, waterproof and functional. The bag contains a compartment that is big enough to safely store a 15” laptop and it has a 14.6l capacity. This means that the Light Day Pack is ideal for short trips or as your day to day bag.

The bags are simple, beautiful and, most importantly, functional. Because the bags are created by genuine enthusiasts they are to the highest specifications. To shop Topo Designs, please visit the store or our online shop.

Patagonia: where technical functions meets stylish fashions

Eco-warriors and fashion are hardly a marriage made in heaven but Patagonia are doing their best to reconcile the differences with a fine line in stylish, durable and most importantly, environmentally friendly clothes.

The Patagonia brand is all about appreciating the outdoors, getting back to our roots and getting out there to do a spot of rock climbing, snowboarding or anything else that involves large gulps of clean, fresh air.

With an eye on making their garments as technical as possible yet keeping costs at a minimum, Patagonia are fusing function and fashion to create a brand fit for the modern world.

Outdoor shoots courtesy of Jamie O’Mara at http://theninjapig.tumblr.com/