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Peggs & son, Folk

With the new season starting to get underway, we have received the first drop from shop floor favourites, Folk. As much as we love their spring/summer collections, we think it is winter that they truly come into their own. The brand’s laid back but innovative approach has won them many plaudits over the years but they still continue to push forward with inventive ideas season after season.

Peggs & son, Folk

For AW14, a use of rich textures and interesting patterns are subtle enough not to be over the top, but each garment has its own personality and style. It is easy to boil Folk’s design ethos down to merely details, but the clothes themselves are much more than that. It is the choice of fabrics, the relaxed but modern cuts as well as the tiny features that give Folk an undeniable and unique aesthetic.

Peggs & son, Folk

Although it may be almost blasphemous to think about knits and coats at the beginning of July, these collections are full of lighter pieces. Long sleeve tees and shirts bridge the gap between the last lazy days of summer and the arrival of the autumn weather.

To take a look at the whole Folk collection, please head on over to our online store.


Peggs & son Norse Projects Willum Down Jacket Ember and Benno Block Shirt Black

With the winter months drawing in, it’s refreshing to have something in your wardrobe with a bit of colour and pattern to it and the latest offerings from Norse Projects and Rockwell can certainly liven up a drab day. We thought it a good time to put some looks together to show that winter isn’t all about grey and navy, you can still keep warm and inject a little variety into your outfit.

Peggs & son Norse Projects Willum Down Jacket Ember and Rockwell Catch of the Day Shirt

First up we have the Willum Down Jacket in Ember from Norse Projects. Filled with high quality goose down, this long bodied coat with adjustable hood is ideal at offering protection against the elements. The colourful exterior comes in a vivid red colourway and the Willum is fastened with a YKK zip and popper sealed storm flap. The front contains two pockets, which have dual functionality, and there is a further zipped pocket inside.

Peggs & son Norse Projects Benno Block Shirt Black

Also from Norse Projects we have the ever popular Benno Block shirt. This version comes in two colourways, black (as shown here) and Shitake. Based around the same design, both Bennos are made from thick brushed cotton and have a workwear feel to them with their two box pleated chest pockets. It is the heavy material used in construction combined with the bold block look that makes this shirt a real winter winner.

Peggs & son Rockwell Catch of the Day Shirt and Bucket Hat

Finally we have a new label to our rails, Rockwell, the creation of Amsterdam based illustrator Parra. His clothes are streetwear based and utilise his bold and colourful illustrations to great effect. Here we have the Catch of the Day shirt and bucket hat. The shirt is made from 100% soft brushed cotton and has a nice thickness to it and the bucket hat brings a touch of Madchester to proceedings. Both items feature a monotone design that although subtle still adds a touch of intrigue to an outfit thanks to the lively pattern.

To shop Norse Projects and Rockwell, please head on over to our store where the winter SALE is going strong. Many thanks to Kieran and Lily from the The Level for the photographs.


Raised By Wolves at Peggs & son.

In a world of streetwear labels, Raised By Wolves have managed to stand out from the crowd and reimagine the tired look with their use of strong imagery and keen eye for graphics that make an impact. Their most recent collection features bold tees, beanies and thick woolen shirts.

Raised By Wolves at Peggs & son.

Perhaps one of our favourite pieces from the new collection is the plaid button down shirt in red, black and white check. The material is made in the Woolrich woolen mill and is nice and thick making it perfect for the winter months. The shirt is cut and sewn in Canada to ensure excellent craftsmanship.

Raised By Wolves at Peggs & son.

Also in store we have the collaboration with fellow Canadians Herschel which has produced a fine backpack in a black water camo colourway. A simple design, the bag features dual branding, a robust construction and an internal laptop sleeve.

Raised By Wolves at Peggs & son.

Thanks to bythelevel.com for the photos. To check out the whole Raised By Wolves collection, please head on over to the online store. 



Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

Another Shirt Please is one of our favourite labels at the moment and their straightforward approach to clothing is something we hugely admire. Their take on the most quintessential of menswear items, the humble shirt, has been elevated to new levels through the use of fabric, a wide array of cuts and attention to detail. We thought it high time to catch up with the guys behind the brand and talk about inspiration, the future and, of course, shirts.

Peggs & son: We have to ask the question that you have probably answered many times before. Why did you choose to focus on shirts?

Oskar and Carl:  We had trouble finding shirts that we really liked especially when it came to the fabrics. It felt like most brands out there just made shirts to fill out the collection focusing on other stuff like shoes, tailoring and jeans. So, we had to make that shirt who got the respect it deserved ourselves. We also love shirts, so it became very natural in a way.

P&s: Where does the inspiration come from with regards to cuts, materials and features? Favourite shirts you own, vintage styles or something else entirely?

C: One of the first things we said when we started A.S.P was that we would never compromise when it came to fabrics and manufacture. We always do shirts that we, ourselves, will wear with pride. At the moment we have three styles and each style is the perfect fit for each one of us (we were three friends who started A.S.P). Of course we are inspired by our old favourite shirts. And life in general.

P&s: How do you go about sourcing your materials?

O: We never really make up our minds before we sit down with all the fabrics we sourced from our favourite mills. We put everything on the floor, put on some great music and just let it happen.

Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

P&s: The 102 style is a fairly unusual design and not something you see in modern menswear too often. How did the concept for a loose fitting shirt with formal features come about?

C: This is Oskar’s favourite style so I’ll let him explain this one.

O: I always spend a couple of weeks in the north of Sweden at my families country cabin, hanging out with mosquitos and fly fishing. A few years ago I found my fathers old oversized red shirt collecting dust in a box. I loved it and started wearing it all the time. People started asking where I got the shirt and as nothing similar was around we used it as inspiration and it became style 102 for A.S.P.

P&s: Do you plan to add any more styles to your collections in the future?

O & C: Yes we do. For Autumn 2014 we will add some nice new bits. Keep your eyes open, it’s gonna be great!

P&s: What are you working on at the moment?

O: There is a lot going on at the moment. The new collection is out, we updated our web shop and we are due to open our first store in Stockholm next to our dear friends at the Swedish bag maker Sandqvist. We are also working on the new collection and one of us is also searching for love. Busy times.

P&s: Busy times indeed. Would you consider doing collaborations in the future? Are there any in the pipeline?

O: The first colab we did was with the garment care company TGC which just been released. A detergent named “Gin & Tonic” scented with juniper oil. It was so much fun that we are already working on doing some new ones.

Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

P&s: We suppose with a name like Another Shirt Please it would be difficult, but have you considered widening the output of your label to include different garments?

C: We don’t really find it difficult if we would like to add something other than a shirt to our collection. We are already doing it. Just wait and see.

P&s: Intriguing, we look forward to seeing that. You used to work at Acne, how do they feel about A.S.P, are they supportive of what you do?

O & C: That’s correct. All three of us are former employes of Acne. We still have friends there who are supportive but we don’t really have any communication with Acne as a company.

P&s: Finally, do you have a favourite shirt of this new collection (ours would be the 101 Secret Garden Grey)?

C: Great choice! That hand feel is just amazing. We all have different favourites, as you can imagine reading the above. Oskar’s is 102 Oskar. Duh. The red colour is almost exactly the same as the dusty old piece mentioned earlier. Anders has a very soft spot for 101 Oxford being the “crazy” economic guy in our company. My favourite is 201 Cool Cat. For me it is the best shirt we have ever made.

Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

Many thanks to Carl, Oskar and Anders from Another Shirt Please for giving us the time to carry out this interview. To shop the whole A.S.P. collection, please head on over to our online store.


YMC at Peggs & son.

The newest additions to the YMC collection are now in store. As well as chunky knits there are a series of ska inspired tees, shirts and sweats. One of our favourite pieces from this season however is the Lazer Cut jacket. This is somewhere between a coat and an overshirt and will be perfect once the temperature drops and the evenings start to get that little bit colder.

YMC at Peggs & son.

YMC also love to use bold imagery which is evident in this white tee. The classic horror movie look works really well. As well as the aesthetics, the tee is made from 100% organic ring spun cotton and the shoulder seams are reinforced for durability.

YMC at Peggs & son.

This checked little beauty, catchily named the Checkered tee, clearly takes inspiration from the fashion surrounding ska, punk and 2tone music. The fine print is an unusual one but under the skilled hands of YMC works really well. It has a regular fit and is made using 100% cotton.

To see the rest of the YMC collection, head on over to the online store.



Norse Projects at Peggs & son.

The Danish Invasion

The new Norse Projects collection carries on their unique take on streetwear and features a range of wardrobe staples such as the classic Anton Oxford shirt, iconic Niels tee and seminal Ketel sweat. However, it is the knitwear that they have really gone to town with for this season. These are products crafted using luxurious materials, such as extra fine merino wool, that are designed to take on the perils of the winter weather.

Soulland at Peggs & son.

Last season was our first taste of Soulland and we loved their interesting take on classic pieces of menswear. For AW13, Soulland have taken inspiration from mid-twentieth century Japanese baseball. They studied the traditions and cultural significance of the game and the strong imagery they discovered perfectly compliments Soulland’s approach to clothing. We particularly like their range of Oxford shirts, each with bold prints and embroidered lettering.

Head on over to the online store to check out the full Norse Projects and Soulland collections as well as the rest of out latest stock.


Norse Projects at Peggs & son.

The new Norse Projects collection has arrived in store. This drop has been eagerly awaited by many and it doesn’t disappoint. With a selection of old favourites mixed with some new items, the functional style of the Danish label shines through. We met up with our friends over at bythelevel.com to shoot some pieces in the sunny streets of Brighton.

Norse Projects at Peggs & son.

On show here we have the classic Anton Oxford shirt in white which is simple bit of shirting that has been executed perfectly by the guys from Copenhagen. The usual details associated with Oxford shirts are present such as the button down collar and chest pocket, just with a laid back edge that Norse Projects have become synonymous with.

The selection of 5 panels that Norse Projects release every season have got a bit of an update for autumn/winter. Coming covered in wool, these will definitely keep you warm in the colder weather. Still present are the vent holes on the side, adjustable back strap and flat brim.

Norse Projects at Peggs & son.

The Niels tee is another iconic bit of clothing from Norse. The material is always high quality, the colourways bright and vivid and the fit, in our opinion, is close to perfection. The Ketel sweat in grey melange is a garment that is designed to relax in. The Norse logo across the chest is raised and textured which when paired with the raglan sleeves and V stitching on the neck gives the Ketel a slight sportswear edge.

To check the rest of the Norse Projects collection, head on over to the online store.

Many thanks to bythelevel.com as well for the photographs, check their website for fashion photography from the streets of Brighton.


Soulland at Peggs & son.

We are very happy to see the new Soulland collection hit our rails. Last season was our first taste of the Danish brand and we loved their interesting take on classic pieces of menswear. For AW13, Soulland have taken inspiration from mid-twentieth century Japanese baseball. They studied the traditions and cultural significance of the game and the strong imagery they discovered perfectly compliments Soulland’s approach to clothing.

Soulland at Peggs & son.

Although the subject of Japanese baseball seems a slightly odd choice, it is the aesthetic that Soulland were fascinated by. Silas Adler, head designer at Soulland explains: “Team jerseys, baseball mascots and the fan culture obviously played a central inspirational role for the season. We were particularly inspired by the art of Japanese baseball cards produced from the early 1900s to the 1960s.”

Soulland at Peggs & son.

This is evident in the collection of Oxford shirts which have hand drawn prints embroided on the fabric in the style of vintage baseball cards. Large ‘HOME’ and ‘AWAY’ lettering is used and team mascots and symbols adorn the sleeves. Interestingly, this style comes from the homemade cards that fanatical supporters used to make due to the lack of any official ones. The DIY look really adds something different that a precision crafted logo could never quite capture.

Soulland at Peggs & son.

Other than the shirts, Soulland have released tees, jumpers and trousers, all in the similar, unmistakable style. They manage to casually fuse streetwear and sportswear into something new and exciting. Behind all this, the cuts and use of fabric is as good as you’re likely to find anywhere. These are clothes designed to be worn. A lot.

Head on over to our online shop to check out the rest of the collection.


Oliver Spencer at Peggs & son.

Ah, the affable Mr. Oliver Spencer, the man who manages to merge classic and contemporary with consummate ease. From Eton Collar shirts to Portland jackets and chunky wool/cashmere knits, this season once again bares witness to the mercurial talents of this English gent. So, without further ado and with the hyperbole surrounding his sartorial wears placed to one side, let’s take a closer look at some of our favourite pieces from the forthcoming AW13 season.

Ok, so a chunky knit may not seem the ideal purchase in the height of summer but give it a month or so (sorry but it’s true) and you’ll be wishing you’d snapped one up before they’re all gone. Spencer has brought the David knit bang up to date through various methods. Made from a heady mix of virgin wool, nylon, viscose and cashmere, this knit is tough, durable and incredibly soft while the intricate woven ‘+’ pattern creates a unique silhouette rarely seen on traditional garb. Add to that the vibrant Tabasco orange colourway and you’ve got the perfect knit for autumn/winter.

Oliver Spencer at Peggs & son.

The One Pocket shirt is possibly the perfect example of Spencer’s ability to combine traditional tailoring and modern menswear. There’s only so much one man can do to alter a shirt but Spencer gives it a unique feel with the curved hem line and the distinctive horizontal stripes and colours give this shirt a truly modern feel. Perfect.

Oliver Spencer at Peggs & son.

As the old saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This adage is certainly true where the Portland Jacket is concerned. Made from 100% wool, this slim fitting blazer has a soft, subtle texture to it but it’s in the details, once again, where this jacket stands out from the crowd. With buttons carved from wood, a fully lined green interior and intricate pocket details, this is a must have for the cold snap.

To see the rest of the Oliver Spencer collection, head over to to our online shop.