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Stutterheim raincoats at Peggs & son



Stutterheim raincoats at Peggs & son

In a world full of GORE-TEX shells, semi-permeable membranes and breathable outer layers, there is something reassuringly simple about the jackets from Swedish label Stutterheim. Using a combination of rubberised cotton and taped seams, their coats manage to keep you dry in the worst weather conditions despite the apparent lack of fabric technology.

Founded in Sweden in 2010 by Alexander Stutterheim, the inspiration for the brand occurred when he stumbled across his granddad’s old raincoat lying disused in an abandoned barn. Picking it up, Alexander thought that with a few adjustments to make the cut slimmer, it would be an incredibly good looking jacket: “At that moment, old memories struck me and I instantly wanted to wear his coat. It was both stunningly cool and very practical (although as big as a tent). With great care, I brought it back home to my kitchen and imagined it in an updated, contemporary version.”

Stutterheim raincoats at Peggs & son

After searching for a suitable manufacturer to remake the coat to his exact specifications, he stumbled across a factory in his native homeland. Given the notoriously wet weather of Sweden, it is perhaps no surprise that this small textile firm long had a history of creating clothing to combat the elements. After lots of trail and error, they managed to create a modern version of his granddad’s coat using completely waterproof rubberised cotton.

Stutterheim raincoats at Peggs & son

Stutterheim raincoats at Peggs & son

Here at Peggs & son we first saw Stutterheim raincoats at a show in London and immediately our interests were piqued. We had of course seen waterproof coats before from labels like Elka, but there was something about Stutterheim that managed to cross the divide from something purely functional into the world of fashion. We picked them up straight away and were the first stockists in the UK.

Stutterheim raincoats at Peggs & son

Stutterheim raincoats at Peggs & son

Stutterheim have since released many different styles of their raincoat and have built up a loyal following along the way. They can count Jay-Z and Kanye West as fans and have even released a rainbow coloured jacket named Vladimir to protest against human rights abuses in Russia. After all this attention and prominence, the company remain true to their melancholic Swedish roots. They still craft exceptionally well made coats that rely on traditional materials to keep you dry. Stutterheim are proof, if you ever needed it, that sometimes the old ways are still the best.

You can shop the full Stutterheim collection either in store or over on our website…


Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

Another Shirt Please is one of our favourite labels at the moment and their straightforward approach to clothing is something we hugely admire. Their take on the most quintessential of menswear items, the humble shirt, has been elevated to new levels through the use of fabric, a wide array of cuts and attention to detail. We thought it high time to catch up with the guys behind the brand and talk about inspiration, the future and, of course, shirts.

Peggs & son: We have to ask the question that you have probably answered many times before. Why did you choose to focus on shirts?

Oskar and Carl:  We had trouble finding shirts that we really liked especially when it came to the fabrics. It felt like most brands out there just made shirts to fill out the collection focusing on other stuff like shoes, tailoring and jeans. So, we had to make that shirt who got the respect it deserved ourselves. We also love shirts, so it became very natural in a way.

P&s: Where does the inspiration come from with regards to cuts, materials and features? Favourite shirts you own, vintage styles or something else entirely?

C: One of the first things we said when we started A.S.P was that we would never compromise when it came to fabrics and manufacture. We always do shirts that we, ourselves, will wear with pride. At the moment we have three styles and each style is the perfect fit for each one of us (we were three friends who started A.S.P). Of course we are inspired by our old favourite shirts. And life in general.

P&s: How do you go about sourcing your materials?

O: We never really make up our minds before we sit down with all the fabrics we sourced from our favourite mills. We put everything on the floor, put on some great music and just let it happen.

Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

P&s: The 102 style is a fairly unusual design and not something you see in modern menswear too often. How did the concept for a loose fitting shirt with formal features come about?

C: This is Oskar’s favourite style so I’ll let him explain this one.

O: I always spend a couple of weeks in the north of Sweden at my families country cabin, hanging out with mosquitos and fly fishing. A few years ago I found my fathers old oversized red shirt collecting dust in a box. I loved it and started wearing it all the time. People started asking where I got the shirt and as nothing similar was around we used it as inspiration and it became style 102 for A.S.P.

P&s: Do you plan to add any more styles to your collections in the future?

O & C: Yes we do. For Autumn 2014 we will add some nice new bits. Keep your eyes open, it’s gonna be great!

P&s: What are you working on at the moment?

O: There is a lot going on at the moment. The new collection is out, we updated our web shop and we are due to open our first store in Stockholm next to our dear friends at the Swedish bag maker Sandqvist. We are also working on the new collection and one of us is also searching for love. Busy times.

P&s: Busy times indeed. Would you consider doing collaborations in the future? Are there any in the pipeline?

O: The first colab we did was with the garment care company TGC which just been released. A detergent named “Gin & Tonic” scented with juniper oil. It was so much fun that we are already working on doing some new ones.

Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

P&s: We suppose with a name like Another Shirt Please it would be difficult, but have you considered widening the output of your label to include different garments?

C: We don’t really find it difficult if we would like to add something other than a shirt to our collection. We are already doing it. Just wait and see.

P&s: Intriguing, we look forward to seeing that. You used to work at Acne, how do they feel about A.S.P, are they supportive of what you do?

O & C: That’s correct. All three of us are former employes of Acne. We still have friends there who are supportive but we don’t really have any communication with Acne as a company.

P&s: Finally, do you have a favourite shirt of this new collection (ours would be the 101 Secret Garden Grey)?

C: Great choice! That hand feel is just amazing. We all have different favourites, as you can imagine reading the above. Oskar’s is 102 Oskar. Duh. The red colour is almost exactly the same as the dusty old piece mentioned earlier. Anders has a very soft spot for 101 Oxford being the “crazy” economic guy in our company. My favourite is 201 Cool Cat. For me it is the best shirt we have ever made.

Another Shirt Please at Peggs & son.

Many thanks to Carl, Oskar and Anders from Another Shirt Please for giving us the time to carry out this interview. To shop the whole A.S.P. collection, please head on over to our online store.


new collections at peggs & son (2)

New stock is coming in thick and fast. As well as shoes from Grenson, socks from Burlington and wallets from Il Bussetto, we have new collections in from Our Legacy, Woolrich, Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Topo Designs. Don’t worry, it’s not all woollen jackets and scarves, there are lighter pieces such as tees, shirts and blazers to make that transition into autumn slightly more bearable.

new collections at peggs & son

To give you a little taste of what’s in store and online we have compiled a few looks using some of our favourite pieces. As usual we really like the suiting from Our Legacy and the casual Americana of Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Woolrich. Topo Designs are a new brand to us here at Peggs & son but we love their functional approach to bags. The looks feature plenty of textured fabrics, darker colours and interesting layering possibilities. Most importantly they can withstand the unpredictable British weather we have to endure at this time of the year.

Our Legacy aw13 at Peggs & son

Our Legacy


The guys from Sweden continue to do what they do best: clean, simple styles that have a timeless feel to them. On show here is the amazing three button rolling blazer. Although now seems like the worst time to talk about items made from wool, in a few weeks time this stunning blazer will come into its own. It is paired with the lively Jacquard Dots tee which utilises pattern to great effect. The rest of the collection features printed shirts, chunky sweats, versatile coats and formal trousers. Pop by the shop to see the garments in the flesh.

LVC aw13 at Peggs & son


The guys over at the LVC department of Levi’s like to look back through their illustrious archives and recreate classic garments. This results in some stunning vintage pieces such as this 1960s Striped Tee. Inspired by Motown’s musical revolution and constructed using 100% Portuguese cotton, the tee is soft to the touch and comes in an orange, black and white colourway. The horizontal striped pattern is reminiscent of a musical score, a nod to its heritage. The rest of the collection features classic sportswear sweats and some amazing 501’s from various periods that stay true to the original designs.

Topo Designs aw13 at Peggs & son

Topo Designs


Topo bags are created by people who live and breathe the great outdoors. Coming from the Rocky Mountains in the west of the USA, the label was born out of the need for rugged and robust gear. This part of America is famed for its wilderness and Topo Designs bags utilise this amazing landscape for inspiration and the bags they create are designed for people who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as fishing, skiing, hiking, climbing, biking and just plain old travelling. The bags are simple, beautiful and, most importantly, functional. Because the bags are created by genuine enthusiasts they are to the highest specifications.

woolrich aw13 at Peggs & son


Woolrich are one of the oldest clothing labels in America and have been producing workwear for well over 180 years. Their dedication to creating quality clothing is clear to see in their new collection which features super soft but light weight sweaters made from premium Geelong wool alongside lightweight printed shirts. It is, however, the Felted jacket in camo that has got us all hot and bothered here at Peggs & son. We love the camo print and fit which is perfect for remaining undetected yet smart in the great outdoors.