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Christmas Gift Ideas #1 at Peggs & son.

Christmas, love it or loathe it, is just around the corner and to help you out with your present buying this year we have compiled a collection of some great gift ideas. So sit back, take a browse and the last minute, Christmas Eve dash round the shops will be but a distant memory. On show here we have winter accessories from Norse Projects such as the amazing Hestra Ivar gloves or the Merino Top beanies, luxury silk scarves from Crombie, backpacks from Japanese maestros Master-piece, Common Projects trainers and much more.

We are also offering FREE UK standard shipping on all orders, so no matter how much you spend, you won’t pay a penny extra for delivery. Take a look at our gift section over on our website.





Come on gent’s let’s face it, sometimes when we get up in the morning the last thing on our minds is “what shall I wear to today” (normally we’re too busy thinking “coco-pops or marmite on toast”)

We may have become more inclined to think about our wardrobe wears in recent years but if we are brutally honest, comfort usually outguns fashion in the shootout stakes.

And that’s where navy stands with smoking gun in hand looking down on the effervescent prints and exuberant colours. Navy is your wing-man, your go-to-guy when the world of clothing appears all a bit too much.

The great thing about navy is you can wear it with anything, and we mean anything: a plain white Sunspel tee, the Norse botanical shirt or the tye-dye pink Jung Maven tee. Navy really is the colour that goes with everything.




Born + Bred

Here at Peggs & son we’re very good at talking about ourselves but we feel it’s about time we did a little sharing. In the coming months we will be speaking to other independent store owners in the town – from other retailers, coffee shops through to barbers and tattooists and anyone else who’s on the Peggs & son radar – and spreading a bit of the Brighton love.

First up is Paul de Nagy, the owner of Outcast Hats and Born + Bred Leatherworks – a brand we’re proudly stocking in Peggs & son (we still couldn’t help talking about ourselves). Working out of his tiny studio in Hove, Paul produces fine bespoke hats for all occasions as well as handcrafting ipad and iphone cases, wallets and a whole array of quality leather goods.

Q: So when you did you get started?

A: Having started out in 2009, Outcast Hats Ltd started initially as an internet shop selling multi-branded fashionable headwear.

Q: When did you start producing leather goods?

A: I have been making leather for about 2 years now and I am completely self taught. My whole life I have made things, including surf boards, but when I discovered leather work I was hooked. My work is designed and made with simplicity, functionality and style in mind. The fact that there really aren’t any boundaries in terms of what you can do with leather, means that you can apply basic fundamentals to make a piece for just about any aspect of daily life.

Each piece is designed, cut, and stitched by me in my workshop in Hove. This means a great deal of time is spent creating pieces that will last a very long time and, as with most hand made articles, they get better with age.

Q:What does it mean to buy a Born + Bred piece?

A: Buying a Born and Bred leather piece doesn’t just mean you are buying a wallet or an accessory, it means you are investing in a hand crafted, unique design that will last a long time and only get better with age. This is ultimately what good leatherwork is all about, very much like buying self-edge denim. Good leather wallets will take on the personality of their bearer, making them personal and intimate articles that tell a story.

Il Bussetto


Il Bussetto are specialised in the production and distribution of small leather goods. All of their items are hand made using an acient Italian technique which allows them to create very unique and durable leather pieces.

This season we have chosen two different styles of wallet and both  are available in 6 different colours; Black, Brown, Green, Burnt Orange, Sky Blue and Sea Blue.

All the wallets are made from Cuoio leather, tanned using vegetal products and hand-painted in Italy, allowing each individual product to develop its own unique wear marks.

All products are available to purchase online and in store now. Please contact us with any questions you may have.