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    Holiday guide at Peggs & son.    

    Holiday Guide

    Planning on getting away from it all over the next few months?

    Be sure to check out our holiday guide, full of ideas about

    what to pack this summer. Take a look now:

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    British Style at Peggs & son.    

    British Style

    Here at the store we're big fans of British style. We love the 

    different array of influences that are as varied as workwar and

    vintage sportswear. See the selection we have in store now:

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    French Style at Peggs & son.  

    French Style

    For relaxed, laid back style it is hard to beat French clothing.

    Here in store we have a great selection from labels such as A.P.C.,

    Arpenteur, Spring Court and many more. Shop now:

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    American Style at Peggs & son.  

    American Style

    American style is something that is pervasive throughout modern

    popular culture, American clothing has its own unique style that has

    changed the way in which we all wear our clothes. 

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    Japanese Style at Peggs & son.  

    Japanese Style

    To us Europeans, there is something intriguing and beguiling about

    Japan, its people and their customs. Such single minded focus has

    led to some incredible craftsmanship and unrivalled attention to detail.

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    Scandinavian style at Peggs & son  

    Scandinavian Style

    Scandinavia has long been a centre for design. Renowned for a

    minimalist and functional aesthetic, these ideals have given birth

    to a new wave of menswear designers.

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    Summer prints at Peggs & son.  

    Summer Prints

    Summer is the perfect time to add a bit of colour and pattern 

    into your wardrobe. In store we have a bold selection that includes

    everything from floral to check. Shop now:

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    Fatigue Pants at Peggs & son.  

    Fatigue Pants

    For us, one of the trends of this season has to be the humble

    fatigue pant. With strong military overtones, we love the rugged

    feel and durable construction. Shop our selection now:

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