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    Pattern comes into its own during the summer period. The sun allows you to ditch the winter hues of navy, grey and brown for something a little livelier. Here we have the bold pinstripes of YMC which have been combined with the Pink Mountain shirt from Swedish label, Another Shirt Please. Holding it all together and making sure the patterns don't get too much is the simple Bubble Crew knit from Norse Projects which adds a touch of luxury via the 100% super fine Merino wool construction.

    #14 Ricky Jacket #14 Bubble Crew Knit #14 101 Shirt #14 Classic Shorts  #14 Wolfgang Sunglasses
    YMC Norse Projects Another Shirt Please YMC  Hans Kjobenhavn

    Ricky Jacket

    Bubble Crew 101 Mountain Shirt Classic Shorts  Wolfgang Sunglasses
     #14 1970's Chuck Taylor Low        

     1970's Chuck Taylor Low

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