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    British weather, as we're sure you're aware, can be volatile to say the least. But with the amazing technology employed by the Arc'teryx Veilance coats, you needn't be carrying a bulky rain mac around to save yourself from spring showers. Their Windshell blazer is perfect as it's incredibly lightweight, breathable and offers fantastic protection. It is also works well with this summer outfit that includes a Madras shirt from Gant Rugger, plain white tee from Sunspel, Edwin's famous denim and canvas trainers from the one and only Converse.

    #16 Windshell Blazer #16 Madras Shirt #16 SS Crew Tee #12 Carrot Trouser  #16 1970's Chuck Taylor Low
    Arc'teryx Veilance Gant Rugger Sunspel Edwin  Converse

    WindShell Blazer

    Madras Shirt S/S Crew Tee ED-55 Relaxed red Selvage  1970's Chuck Taylor Low
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