FOLK X PEGGS ARTIST TEES: RYAN GILLETT INTERVIEW To celebrate 10 years of stocking Folk here at Peggs & son, we've teamed up with some of our favourite artists to create a capsule collection of artist tees. The three designs, from Mark Vessey, ILOVEDUST and Ryan Gillett, will be launched to coincide with our party at MEATliquor on March 20th (which you can RSVP by clicking here) and all profits will be given to local charity Amaze. Next up we have Brighton based freelance illustrator Ryan Gillett. We love his quirky, irreverent work that always looks at life from a positive, humorous angle. Ryan has been a friend of the store for a while, helping us out with illustrations during our early years and it's great to finally work with him on a project that sees his imagery on a garment.  
  P&s: Can you briefly introduce yourself? RG: Hi! I'm a freelance graphic artist/illustrator working and living in Brighton for just under ten years now. My favourite past times involve hanging with my four legged friends, drinking coffee, collecting records and seeking out vintage clobber. FOLK X PEGGS ARTIST TEES: RYAN GILLETT INTERVIEW You have quite an irreverent, playful style, where do you get your inspiration from?  I've always looked on the bright side of life and have never been one to take things too seriously. I take every day mundane things and spruce them up with exaggerated features, whimsical colours and a ton of imagination. I love taking things out of context and placing them in a surreal environment to elaborate the mood of the drawing.   How do you go about creating your work, do you start with a rough sketch on paper and build from there? My usual practice involves aimlessly pencil sketching until something of relevance emerges. I then doodle numerous variations until I find one I'm super happy with. From there I experiment with colour, layering up the image much like you would in screen printing. FOLK X PEGGS ARTIST TEES: RYAN GILLETT INTERVIEW Are we right in saying that you feature heavily in your own work? Do your draw inspiration from your own life? It's common to stumble upon a big nosed feller with short back and sides in my illustrations - I see it as a different approach to taking a selfie. I like to imagine myself in the picture just to step out of reality for a brief second, running over a river of crocodiles is a lot more exciting than sitting at desk sipping a cold cup of tea.   Can you talk a bit about the design you created for us? The concept behind my t-shirt represents hopes and dreams. Every now and then I come across a surfer paddling out to sea, searching for a wave that doesn't really exist on Brighton Beach. Everyone has a dream, for this gnarly surfer dude it's to get totally tubular in a wave represented by the little guy in his hair. FOLK X PEGGS ARTIST TEES: RYAN GILLETT INTERVIEW Can you list some on the clients you have worked with?  In the past few years I've worked with brands such as Nike, Virgin, EasyJet, The Sunday Times and Lucky Peach alongside various other commissions. Most recently I worked for Hato Studio and D&AD on their ‘Start with a Mark’ campaign. I created various 3D images to be part of the 2018 D&AD festival identity alongside starring in a How To tutorial video.   How much of a challenge is it working with clients, are you given the freedom to explore different approaches or are you often confined to a brief? Working towards a brief is great fun. It takes you out of your natural thinking pattern, sparking your imagination in ways that wouldn't usually occur. Sometimes having creative freedom can be overwhelming, being aided by a brief can help narrow down your ideas and really focus on what the client really wants. FOLK X PEGGS ARTIST TEES: RYAN GILLETT INTERVIEW A huge thanks to Ryan Gillett for taking the time to answer our questions. You can take a look at more of his artwork by clicking here. His Folk X Peggs Artists Series Tee is now available over on our site.