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We've sat down with our good friends at Oscar Deen to answer some questions about their brand and our recent collaboration...

P&S : Oscar Deen has a unique identity in the eyewear industry. Could you share a bit about the brand's philosophy and what sets it apart from other eyewear companies?

OD : For us, it’s authenticity. We don’t try to pretend that we’re glasses geniuses, who know all there is to know and can pull a new design from thin air. That’s why we bring people on the journey with us. Are honest about the vintage frames we use for inspo and what we’ve done to make them ours/yours.

P&S : What inspired you to collaborate with us, and how does it align with the brand's vision and values?

OD ; Peggs & Son. are legends in the game with impeccable taste in style backed with immense quality so collaborating with you guys was a no brainer. Honestly One of the main reasons we wanted to work with Peggs & Son. is that we alway have a laugh when we pop down to Brighton and say hello. Over the years we’ve come through and caught up and had a few beers. It feels like a mini version of when we go abroad and look for frames.

P&S : Could you tell us about your manufacturing process and any special techniques or considerations that distinguish it

OD : When it comes to manufacturing specifically, all of our frames are hand crafted from Mazzuchelli acetate.  Mazzuchelli are based just outside of Milan and we use their acetate as their history dates back to the 1800s. That old knowledge results in rich colour and unrivalled density and is the reason Oscar Deen frames feel so good to the touch.  

P&S : As a London-based company, how does Oscar Deen draw inspiration from the city's rich cultural tapestry and fashion landscape?

OD : London is imbued in the roots of everything about Oscar Deen. Old and new meets local and global. It's in our frames and in our travels. Elements of our core branding are inspired directly by the pavings with cool patterns, awnings with beautiful details, pawn shop windows glittering with gold. We deliberately connect our local experience to their global origins. For example, we shot our Panda’s in Soho’s Italian haunts because we found them in Milan, they’re actually named after all the Fiat Panda’s we saw out there. It’s important to us to tie the inspiration and origin of the frames to the elements of London’s varied culture.

P&S : Your glasses often reflect a blend of classic elegance and modern sophistication. How does the brand strike this balance in its designs?

OD : I’d say thats where our eye combines with the classic elegance of the original frames. This is where our taste comes into play and we adapt and update the frames to suit today, whilst also maintaining the classic elements that make them timeless. It’s important to add our touches without erasing the essence of the inspiration. 

P&S : Sustainability and ethical practices are increasingly important in the fashion industry. How do you integrate these values into your manufacturing and business operations?

OD : Our frames are not “fast fashion”, they are timeless designs that are  built to last. From the structure & strength, combining the cores with the thickness of the acetate we’ve gone out of our way to make sure they’re robust. We’ve recently had a few people show us frames they have from our first run 6/7 years ago and they’re going strong. As for ethical practices we do a yearly check to ensure that our manufacturers are meeting regulations.

P&S : Collaborations can be transformative experiences. How do you approach collaborations with other brands, and what do you look for in potential partners?

OD : For us its simple. We have to get on and it has to make sense. That’s it.

P&S : Your eyewear often appeals to a diverse range of individuals. How does the brand ensure inclusivity and accessibility in its designs and marketing approach?

OD : It’s always been really important to us to shoot models from a mixture of backgrounds so our brand  mirrors & champions the diversity we see around us every day in London. In terms of our designs we try to make each addition as different from the rest of the collection as possible, this opens the door to a new range of individuals as everyone has different tastes

P&S : Looking towards the future, what exciting developments or projects can we expect from Oscar Deen?

OD : We’ve got an exciting trip to Napoli coming up this summer. We've been wanting to go there for years as the vintage clobber out there is legendary! Can’t wait to see what treasure we find as It’ll likely shape our collection in the coming year. We’ve also got a couple more cheeky collabs up our sleeve, but it’s a bit early to spill the beans on those!

Many thanks to Sheriff-Deen Showobi and Oscar Phillips from Oscar Deen for this special collaboration.

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