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Make Better Soil - Story MFG SS23

Make better soil and compost everything. We took off to the Brighton Food Project Community with the latest SS23 arrivals from Brighton based Story MFG for a day of organic biodiversity, eco skills and gardening. 

Utilising unusual dyeing techniques, traditional stitching patterns and a strong environmental ethos, Story MFG's clothes blend Indian construction with organic cotton and natural fibres to create garments with a timeless style.

Combining both aesthetics and earth consciousness, Story MFG's latest items embody ambassadors of craft - created by hand using niche artisan practices. "Art and craft are not only beautiful but crucial and important culturally for so many left behind in an ever faster and more automated economy. We aim to bridge the gap between these worlds and both promote artistic practices and foster new ones in places where people have been marginalised."

Story MFG's work is predominantly craft-based and involves both teaching and learning new techniques together with their highly skilled craftspeople. Their products are designed and built to last, promoting a sustainable way to live by buying less. Many items are inspired by vintage workwear and military silhouettes, constructed in ways that make their products both durable and long lasting.

Head to the site or click here to see the full Story MFG collection.

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