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The menSwear by A Woman podcasts explores menswear from a woman's perspective.

The podcast focuses on talking to guests from all aspects of the industry; starting their own brands, designers, freelancers, tailors and other professions that make up the industry, the podcast shares experiences within the industry as well as hearing about other’s journeys.

The highs and lows everything in between from diversity, equality, creativity, struggles, love for what we do, are women changing and challenging menswear or is it still a male dominated universe?

This particular episode is with someone who has been making a wave in menswear. Ian Peggs has a well-known store in the heart of Brighton called Peggs & son based on showing and selling the best independent brands from around the globe.

Ian goes back in the journey how he began and how his world changed once he started menswear.

Ian may say he hasn't that much knowledge of menswear, but he has special experience and knowledge about menswear, and as a shop owner really does understand and have an eye for specialist menswear.

Join Ian in conversation on a fascinating journey in the world of menswear below...

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