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SUPER Sunglasses

New in store we have the sunglasses from SUPER. Made by hand in Italy, they manage to merge classic styles with contemporary design to create something new and exciting.

All of their eyewear come fitted with premium Zeiss lenses which provide high quality optics and protection from the sun's UV rays. A very welcome addition to the Peggs & son roster.


Founded in 2001, French label Arpenteur is based in Lyon and they produce all their clothes within France from local materials. Their style is based in classic French workwear and the look is rugged with an undeniable Gallic style.

The high quality, premium materials and expert construction hark back to a time when clothes were made before the rise of mass production.

Shoes Like Pottery

Shoes like pottery may sound like a fairly unusual name for a canvas shoe company but that’s until you learn that the shoes are placed in a kiln is the manufacturing process.

This results in the trainers being incredibly tough with a clean aesthetic. With few details to distract from the eye, these are perfect with a nice pair of jeans or chinos on a summer’s day.